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CoolSculpting and weight loss: What's the maximum amount of weight can you lose from one session?

Will results for one session of CoolSculpting show if a female and about 20 pounds overweight at 5'2"? READ MORE

CoolSculpting Carried Out by a Nurse Instead of a Doctor - Worried

I am concerned now that a nurse did the procedure, I am over weight, but have lost many lbs, I was hoping this would help me along the way. I have... READ MORE

Zeltiq for Obesity

I am 80 lbs overweight, currently dieting and very active. i am 53 and seeing slow results. can zeltiq be used for faster results while i am in the... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Extra Belly Skin?

I've been overweight my whole life but recently I've lost about 40lbs. I was told that since I'm young (I'm 25) that I wouldn't have that hard of a... READ MORE

Should I do Coolsculpting with a BMI of over 29 and 30 pounds overweight? Is this a good idea for an overweight woman?

I am 5'2", 66 years old, weighing 170. I haven't excercised in months (and am flabby all over) and plan to get back to it and to lose at least 20'.... READ MORE

I am 5'8 and extremely overweight. I would like to get CoolSculpting because it is not as invasive. Am I a candidate at 285lb?

I ha a consultation and was quoted 24 sessions at $13,500. Not only is the price extremely high but I think that would be very traumatic. Is this in... READ MORE

I am in my mid 40s and 25 lbs overweight. Would it be better to lose the weight first or do Cool Sculpting now?

I am 45 years old and had my only child at age 38. I have very stubborn fat around my middle and lower abs. My abdomen does not seem to change in size... READ MORE

I am interested in cool sculpting for turkey neck as well as fat pad at mid line of neck.

I am 40 pounds overweight. Will losing weight first help me to get optimal results from cool sculpting? I am 55, so I know that part of this problem... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for 'Coolsculpting'? (photos)

I used to be very overweight. I currently weigh about 134 lbs at 5'6". I am about 10-15 lbs away from my ideal weight. However, I look heavier than... READ MORE

Has anyone ever had an overweight patient have good results before? (photo)

I am 5'2", 44 years old and weigh 218 pounds. I have never had children. I exercise 3 days a week. I had both sides of my stomach and the center of my... READ MORE

I had coolsculpt done in April last year and did not do anything. Is there a chance it will actually work this time?

4 areas across my abdomen were done at one time from right to left. Large. I am 30 lbs overweight. But I started a 10-week MAx fitness challenge will... READ MORE

CoolSculpting for love handles and beer tummy fat?

Hello, I am about 25kg overweight. I am struggling with my love handles and tummy. Would fat freezing help me get rid of my love handles? and (beer) tummy READ MORE

How many CoolSculpting sessions does one need per treated area? (Photo)

I see a lot of examples of people that had only one or two sessions and got the desired results. I've had three sessions on the upper abdomen only,... READ MORE

Understanding that CoolSculpting is not for weight loss is there any reason a very overweight person cannot try it?

My stomach fat came from medications and illness, not bad eating habits. I know you do not do this to lose weight, but I would like to try to reduce... READ MORE

CoolSculpting for slightly overweight (15 to 20 lbs) - will it work well? (Photos)

I'm 56, 5'3", 150 lbs, mom of 2. I gained 15 lbs due to menopause. I eat sensibly and exercise regularly, but it's extremely difficult to lose the... READ MORE

Can Coolsculpting work for overweight individuals? I had an over active thyroid and received a radiation treatment.

I am now hypo active and take Synthroid daily. The weight has been packing on, but finally seems to have stabilized. I am only 5' 1" tall and weigh... READ MORE

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