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Is Cryolipolysis or Cool Sculpting Good for Removing Large Amounts of Fat on the Hips?

Almost all my fat seems to gather on my hips. Is Cryolipolysis a good option for removing a large amount of fat from the hips? READ MORE

What is the Best and Most Cost Effective Way to Remove Stubborn Hip Fat? (photo)

I'm 25, 5'4, 112 lbs. I exercise reg. & eat well. I like my body, but I've always hated my big hips. I've tried everything to get rid of the... READ MORE

Will Zeltiq Improve my Body Concerns?

Re: Pic 1 & 2 - Will Zeltiq treatment help smooth out my bottom, helping to make my little bottom appear larger like curvy S shape? Re: Pic 3... READ MORE

When can coolsculpting be done after liposuction? (photo)

I had liposuction of flanks, upper & lower abdomen, and hips five months ago. The left flank is slightly larger than the right. I do not think there... READ MORE

Can CoolSculpting effectively trim down my hips? (photos)

I have this bizarre fat deposit on each hip. Take a look at the photo. I want to get CoolSculpting to get rid of it, but I'm hesitant to drop... READ MORE

Does cool sculpting have any effect on muscle tissue?

This may sound silly but I have a lot of muscle on my back from years of bodybuilding and my job, AND that's where I carry body fat. There is too much... READ MORE

Zeltiq - I Had my Hips Done. On 1st Side Muscle Was Frozen and Still Hurts Alot - 4 Mos. Ago

Operator was very young and inexperienced. She had me lie down and as a result, muscle, instead of the fat on the side of my hips, was frozen.... READ MORE

CoolSculpting after liposuction?

I had a small amount of liposuction done over a year ago I am not happy with the results on my bellg/abs. I have never been over weight I just would... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting Zeltique Numbness NOT in the Treated Area 3 Months Later- Help?

I had my love handles treated with cool sculpting July 17th 2013. It is now October 15th, 3 months later, and I have numbness on my right hip. The odd... READ MORE

Is it possible to get rid of the long large lumps left behind after two rounds of coolsculping on my hips?

Long hard lumps after coolsculping, what went wrong? I had coolsculping twice like they suggested on my hips. Months after, long hard bumps formed.... READ MORE

Fat Freezing before hip surgery: does it intefere with the recovery process?

I had fat freezing done on my abdomen and love handles recently. I have to go for a hip replacement in August and was told that you can't have fat... READ MORE

CoolSculpting - where do the frozen fat cells 'disappear' to?

When I asked this question during the consultation, I got the answer that the fat is excreted in through the waste system. Why is it that the area... READ MORE

What is the most effective non-surgical procedure to take inches off my hips?

Good day, I am interested in modeling and have 2-3 inches to lose on my hips. Exercise and diet did not work for me, and liposuction is not an option... READ MORE

CoolSculpting, laser lipolysis, or liposuction?

Hi, I'm curious about the fat reducing procedures available (laser lipolysis, cool sculpting, or liposuction). I'm 27, 5'5" , 125 lb. I work out... READ MORE

Is cryolipolysis a good treatment for excess fat above the knees, or thighs?

Is cryolipolysis the same as cool scultping? And is it an effective treatment for excess fat above knees or thighs.. Im generally slim and do lots of... READ MORE

Is it safe to undergo cool sculpting and liposonix together?

I would like to reduce inches off my outer thigh and hip it safe to undergo cool sculpting and liposonix together since i am getting married... READ MORE

Effectiveness of Coolsculpting?

Hello everyone, i had 8 rounds of coolsculpting done last year -inner thighs, stomach, and hips- and it seemed to work a little bit -my upper stomach... READ MORE

Is the home kit as good as the regular Doctor visits?

I am trying to loss about 10in of my thing, and hip. And about 4in of my belly. I went to see the doctor and it about $4,000.00 and don't have the... READ MORE

Should I get a BBL, Mini TT, CoolScuptling or another option? (photos)

Hi I am a 28 yr old mother of two. I am 5'6 138 lbs. I am very fit as I workout 5 or more times per week. I am interested in trimming my waistline and... READ MORE

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