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What is Wrong with the Area Under my Eye After 1 Year of Co2 Laser? (photo)

Had Co2 laser above and below eyes. Several areas took a long time healing, had resurfacing on some areas at later date. One area under the eye did... READ MORE

Is extreme redness usual five days post treatment?

The bleeding is nearly stopped, but five days post-treatment (full face CO2 laser -- two passes over entire face with third pass over keratoses on... READ MORE

5th day CO2 fractional laser . Very dry skin can I use Vaseline? (photos)

I did co2 fractional laser and it's my 5th day my skin is very dry I feel like the cream I'm using not moisturizing enough, can I use normal Vaseline... READ MORE

8 weeks post op CO2, I have dark red brown stripes down both cheeks no sign of healing strange texture and large pores. (photo)

I had uick lift and a co2 told it was 80% I was swollen with these exact stripes it looked as no other area was done at 3 weeks called concerned and... READ MORE

Help. CO2 full face laser. My face is swollen badly and blistering. Is this normal? (Photo)

The swelling is increasing by the hour. I'm on day 2. When I wash before I can even apply aquafor I'm blistering. I can't eat sleep or drink water.... READ MORE

Lines like indentations or dents 3 weeks after fractional CO2 treatment. No improvement over 2 weeks, what should I do? (Photos)

I underwent Co2 treatment 22 days ago and around 5th day after areas on both cheeks seemed to get a bit bumpy, with visible lines between laser shots.... READ MORE

I just had Cynosure CO2 laser done on Saturday by an experienced dermatologist. Any suggestions?

It's been 48 hours and the my eyes are still very swollen, as is my face. My face is brown now- generally I have medium fair skin and green eyes. My... READ MORE

Is the little bumps all over my face normal post Co2 fractional laser? (Photo)

I did a Co2 fractional laser three days ago and I noticed these little bumps appearing all over my face on the second day. My face and eyes are still... READ MORE

I had co2 laser resurfacing done to my entire face yesterday, 75% ablative setting, what is best after skin regimen?

I am using aquaphor after reading reviews on this site, I also read comments about vinegar soaks, are Nsaids OK! I was told to avoid them so my body... READ MORE

I had CO2 fractional laser on my face. My right eyelid is very swollen. Is this normal?

My right eyelid is very swollen and below my eyes all puffy and swollen. Is this normal? READ MORE

Ectropion lower eyelid post co2 laser? (Photo)

Managed to post photo (I hope). It's one day after co2 fractional laser, complete face and eyes. Still swollen, but am concerned about hound dog look.... READ MORE

Had full face CO2 fraxel laser 9wks ago. 1 wk ago my face became very swollen & red. Is it possibly a delayed reaction to laser?

The doctors think it is bacterial but not sure. Is there any chance this is a very delayed reaction to the laser? I am on antibiotics and the swelling... READ MORE

How long does redness last and when should I see overall improvement after having CO2 - Smartskin laser? (Photos)

Was recommended to have CO2 - smart skin laser around eyes for specifically, bags under eyes. I believe the bags were caused by the off label use of... READ MORE

Facing some reaction as when I touch something warm the whole place turns red and after some time it turns normal?

I have been treated wit scar removal laser treatment co2 but after the treatment now i am facing some reaction as when i touch something warm the... READ MORE

Cheeks are Red and Bumpy 1 Month Post-Op CO2, What Do You Recommend?

I had co2 a month ago, as I have pores on my cheeks. This was my second session as my first session was that successful. its been a month noe and my... READ MORE

Delayed healing from c02 laser?

I had c02 laser in august 2012. my face is still swollen, i get red sores and my face has red botches that get more intense later in the day. i have... READ MORE

Face REALLY swollen 6 days post-Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing. Very worried & depressed. Normal? (photo)

Is this normal? When will the swelling subside? My doctor had told me nothing about the down-time. I feel depressed. Day 3: Doctor had told me to... READ MORE

I had CO2 fractional laser 3 days ago on face. My neck has swollen up but I only did my face? (Photo)

Is this normal and my face perled a b d getting darker again will it peel again READ MORE

Doctor is suggesting CO2 injections after 10 days vaser and then combined with vellaform. Any suggestions?

Doctor is suggesting CO2 injections after 10 days vaser and then combined with vellaform. I am not too keen since I am still badly swollen and bruised... READ MORE

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