Orange Peel + CO2 Laser

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I have CO2 eight months ago. I still have a dotted pattern in my skin left from the laser. Are those dots permanent? (photos)

I have CO2 in December last year. Acne scars did not improve at all. Now 8 months after, I have a dotted pattern that goes across my face looks like... READ MORE

6 week post Co2 fractional laser and my skin is pink, bad texture. Is this normal? (Photo)

Had Co2 laser 6 weeks ago. still pretty pink but my biggest concern is the overal texture seems almost like an orange peel . the pores seem very large... READ MORE

Orange peel texture after fractional CO2 laser. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had Fractional ablative Co2 laser 2 months ago for acne scarring on both cheeks. My overall texture is like an orange peel now ( as if the pores are... READ MORE

Can UltraPulse CO2 & Erbium laser cause permanent skin damage? Laser gave me "orange peel" skin texture & grid marks. (photo)

It has been 4 months since I had UltraPulse CO2 procedure done on my entire face with an additional Erbium laser procedure done around my... READ MORE

Thermi or SMAS, Co2 Fractional Laser and Bleph--can you really get good 'facelift like' results with the new Thermi procedures?

I am 55 with mild wrinkles on my cheeks, 'orange peel' texture on my chin, relatively deep crows feet and some laxity on my neck. My Dr. recommends... READ MORE

CO2 5 days PO: after all the peeling, my skin feels very rough and has an orange peel texture to it --Is this normal? (Photos)

Is it too soon to worry? Will the rough, orange peel texture go away naturally after CO2 ablative laser?? And how long?Please someone give me... READ MORE

Please give me your recommendation for either a Matrix CO2 machine Or a Lutronix ECO2 lasar. Lutronic ECO2 fractional lasar?

I am 70 years old with lots of creping on my face and orange skin lines on my chin. Which of these 2 procedures would be the best for my desired... READ MORE

2 months after CO2. Will I get back to normal from the dryness, redness, larger pores and uneven texture from the laser? (Photo)

Hi, I originally wanted to get roaccutance for some minor outbreaks but was recommended a CO2 micro peel (end Feb). Been two mths and i experience dry... READ MORE

Can damaged skin texure and scars fom Laser Genesis be healed with CO2?

I have textural damage and scarring from laser genesis. The used to be smooth skin is now orange peeled and full of bumps, horrible looking. Is the... READ MORE

Will the orange peel texture of my forehead after co2 laser 8 days ago go away? Pores are larger and texture worse.

I peeled 3-4 days after total fx for acne scars. Dr thought I healed well at 4 day, started skin medica moisturizer,and on day 8 my forehead, which... READ MORE

I Have Reddness and Large Pores After Co2 Laser I Look Ten Yrs Older Any Help?

I am 38 yrs and had co2 laser done in 2010 for mild acne on cheeks and am left with reddness large pores on whole face orange peel skin and look 10... READ MORE

Would you do CO2 for these skin textural changes and scars that came from quantum KTP laser?

I'm afraid to do laser again but I am seriously depressed and can't do anyting because of this depression caused by this horrible skin. The place from... READ MORE

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