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Why Don't I see Results of CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing After 2 Months?

I recently paid $3100 for a Full Ablative CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing from a PS. I was put on sedation with an anaethesiologist, and the procedure was... READ MORE

Can Infection Affect Post-laser Recovery?

Hi, I took co2 laser resurface treatment few months ago. After first session results were very good, however after 3 weeks Acne came back. Doctor said... READ MORE

Are There Any Dr.s Today That Do the Traditional Gold Standard CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing? Note - I'm NOT Interested in Fraxel!

I had CO2 traditional resurfacing about 20 yrs ago with fabulous results. Then I had CO2 Fraxel about 3 yrs. ago. I'm aware of the downtime & skin... READ MORE

My doctor is asking for more 4 sessions of CO2 fractional laser, after having 3 sessions. He said it would be cured by 3.(photo)

I have deep acne scars on my face, and I had 3 sessions of co2 fractional lasers,but still no results. I am really worried about whether I will be... READ MORE

I got the CO2 treatment in hopes of repairing the scarring from teenage acne. Why no results?

I got the CO2 treatment in hopes of repairing the scarring from teenage acne. My problem with the treatment is that there is virtually no change... READ MORE

Why did a fully ablative CO2 laser do nothing for me? (Photo)

I had a fully ablative CO2 laser treatment done one year ago. i literally couldnt leave my house for a month, it was definitely a very aggressive... READ MORE

Results after CO2 fractional laser?

I had a fractional laser session done 3 days ago , for wrinkles and mild acne scars on my cheeks. The doctor used the "head" with lots of tiny dots... READ MORE

My CO2 peel did not peel or provide anything actually - in Commerce GA. (photos)

Will they compensate or offer additional treatment to make up for this? I paid TOP dollar! I paid extreme top dollar in Commerce GA I had slight... READ MORE

I had CO2 laser and PicoSure for acne scars. I see no difference at all. Will my scars improve? (Photo)

Ive recently had 3 sessions of picosure for acne scars and its been a week since i did my co2 laser and i have not noticed any diffrence at all on my... READ MORE

Fractiona CO2 laser seemed to have little effect on my acne scars. Are there other options?

I have been suffering from acne scars for a very long time. I have a number of deep stubborn box and rolling scars on my cheeks. I got a coupl3 fco2... READ MORE

Re-excision for indented scar after initial ice pick scar punch excision? No results with co2 laser (Photos)

The vertical indented scar on the bridge of my nose resulted after an attempt at ice pick scar punch excision and closure. This scar is much worse... READ MORE

I have done 1 CO2RE and 2 linexel fractional CO2 laser for the past 3 months. Is it normal not seeing any results? (Photo)

I still have 3 more linexel fractional co2 lasers to go with my doctor. The pass 3 procedures were done with the energy of the laser being set from... READ MORE

Why doesn't CO2 fractional improve my skin like my acne scars and dark spots?

Hi im asian and done with 2 sessions of fractional laser the 1st was erbium and after 2 months i had my 2nd which is the co2 in fact it was 5 days ago... READ MORE

I have this deep line on my cheek after fractional co2 laser. Please explain why? (photos)

I have tried 2 fractional rf and 1 ematrix to save the line but stll no result. the doc who did the fco2 for me suggest i should continue fractional... READ MORE

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