Discoloration + CO2 Laser

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I still have redness and discoloration and its been 2 months. Will it go away?

I got C02 fractional laser resurfacing on my arms and legs in hope to minimize the scars I have there. It has been two months and all the spots where... READ MORE

What is Wrong with the Area Under my Eye After 1 Year of Co2 Laser? (photo)

Had Co2 laser above and below eyes. Several areas took a long time healing, had resurfacing on some areas at later date. One area under the eye did... READ MORE

Discoloration from co2 laser ? How to treat it?

Hi am from Sydney Australia.. 18 months ago I had done co2 laser for stretch marks on my abdomen..after all the swelling gone away..it turned dark... READ MORE

I Had a C02 Lasar on 10/21. My Skin is Not Red and Has No Brown Spots So I Assume my Skin His Healed. Am I Correct?

A small area of doscoloration is still on my face. Can I use 4% hydroquinone on this area? Can I begin to use Retin A .05% as part of my skin care... READ MORE

Can laser therapy be used to treat discolorations on buttocks and thighs?

I am an african american female with discoloration in different areas of my body. I recently had CO2 Fraxel laser resurfacing of the face to help with... READ MORE

Is dot co2 fractional laser skin-resurfacing treatment good for Olive skin ? (photos)

Is dot co2 fractional laser skin-resurfacing treatment good for Olive skin , I'm having a mini face lift and the laser to get rid of wrinkles around... READ MORE

Fractional CO2 on lines above lip - What is the risk of uneven color when only doing that area AND how long will redness last?

Pale 60 year old - moderate wrinkles above lip - smoked socially for 12 years - age 21 to 32. When can the redness be covered up completely by... READ MORE

How to get rid of unwanted hyperpigmentation caused by co2 ebrium laser? (photos)

I had co2 ebrium laser two years ago for treatment of old stretch marks. After initial treatment i had a lot of dark brown spots on the back of my... READ MORE

My skin looks discolored i.e black and many pimples occured on my face 21 days after my CO2 laser. pls help

I have my wedding post month . my skin looks bad, dark and many pimples occured on my face pls suggest is this normal? READ MORE

Did laser 2 days ago. Skin have turned brown. Is this normal? (Photo)

Did this two days ago and skin have turned brown the next day. When can I expect peeling? Will my skin colour be uneven because I got it done on... READ MORE

Fractional CO2 Ablative Laser or SMARTSKIN CO2 Front of legs from the knees to the top of thighs?

I had my procedure on 9/14/16. I still have the discoloration from the procedure and also my skin is like sandpaper and I have more wrinkles... READ MORE

Dr. recommending Dot co2 laser. Will I get discoloration-white pigmentations, other problems that acur? (photo)

Remove wrinkles around my mouth ,sun damage . Want vibrant face , having lower face,neck lift. My concern I have Olive Skin will I get... READ MORE

Will using a special cream before CO2 Laser acne scar treatment help reduce hyperpigmentation?

I have dark skin and I heard that using a special cream before CO2 Laser acne scar treatment helps reduce skin discolouration. Is any of this true? READ MORE

Do CO2 lasers treat discolorations as well as pore size and wrinkles? What depth of laser treatment should I aim for?

I'm a thirty-five year old white woman. I am having a bit of trouble sorting out all the laser options. I understand fractional CO2 to be the best... READ MORE

CO2 laser recovery is this hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

I had co2 laser done 8 days ago. Do these pics look like HyperPigmentation or just inflammation/redness or collagen formation from the actual... READ MORE

Will my discolored skin from CO2 fraxel ever look healthy again?

I had CO2 fraxil laser done underneath my eye area along with a lower blepharoplasty and a bilateral facelift 31 days ago. My healing is coming along... READ MORE

Will my pigmentation and discoloration would be gone ?

I had squeezed most of my pimples and acne and its been 2 years from now i have been suffering from pigmwntation and discoloration on my face . will... READ MORE

I lifted off my scab 7 days after C02 laser, will this impact my results?

So around 7 days after C02 laser I slid my scab off(it wasn't fully mature yet I guess but it came right off) I saw marks on the scab Anyways it... READ MORE

What's the best way to have these small white bumps under both of my eyes removed? (Photo)

I've been researching what these are and my best guess is they are a type of milia. Would a type of C02 laser remove these or what about a type of... READ MORE

After getting co2 fractional laser skin getting worse. What should I do?

I got my third co2 fractional laser treatment. But after 10 days skin getting like black and red. I using mometasone furoate cream usp at night and... READ MORE

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