4 Days Post-op + CO2 Laser

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When Do You Expect to See Skin Peeling After Full Face Deep CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

I am on day 4 post op after full face CO2 laser resurfacing with fat grafting under the eyes and continuing all prescribed aftercare with Aquafor,... READ MORE

Is my skin healing correctly 4 days post CO2 laser? Afraid of scarring (Photo)

I am 4 days post CO2 laser (Equinox laser). I have a few areas around my eye and chin that look more pink, and I'm afraid it's going to scar. Does... READ MORE

4 days post op CO2 Fractional laser, I am experiencing inflamed redness with mild pain around my mouth and nose. (photo)

Other parts of my face seem to be healing normally. I am wondering if I should just wait and put coconut oil on it as I was told, or if this requires... READ MORE

Eco2 laser. I used white vinegar and warm water to wash my face. Has this caused the skin to appear crumpled? (Photo)

After laser the 4th day I use white rice vinegar and warm water to wash my face for one wk until no itch I wonder if the vinegar or warm water cause... READ MORE

Is Rosehip seed oil ok to use a few days after Matrix CO2 laser?

I had the CO2 laser done 4 days ago. I'm just beginning to peal but my skin is extremely dry, red, and has laser points all over (I know this is... READ MORE

Very short healing time after CO2 laser. Any suggestions?

I had CO2 laser resurfacing done last Thursday, 4 days ago. I'm healed already which makes me believe that the laser must have been on a very light... READ MORE

Scarring from Fractional CO2 burn? (Photo)

This is 4 days post fractional co2 is this permanent? what can I do about it? READ MORE

4 days post-op CO2 laser day, can I go into the sun if I wear sunblock?

I got a CO2 laser treatment not deeper after the treatment I have redness 2 hour only now I have question after the treatment day 4 I go to... READ MORE

CO2 Laser skin tag removal complications on neck? Early sign of hypertrophic scarring? (Photo)

I had several benign skin tags/moles removed from my face, and a small cluster on my neck. I noticed that the ones on my face are healing, but the... READ MORE

Skin Peeling when Applying Aquaphor After Co2 Laser, is It Going to Scar? Help! (photo)

I had co2 laser done, 4 days ago, today is day 4. My face started peeling yesterday through out today, every time I apply aquaphor is peels the skin,... READ MORE

Dark Red Scabbing Normal After CO2 Laser Treatment? (photo)

I had fractional CO2 laser treatment 4 days ago for my lipo scars. I developed a dark red scab shortly after the procedure.This is near my armpit area... READ MORE

Im having anxiety about the healing process of the Co2 Laser?

I got the SmartSkin Co2 Laser. I am a 19 year old female, I am almost 4 days post op. 1.)My face isnt showing any type of peeling. Am I going to peel?... READ MORE

I had a deep c02 laser treatment and am on day 4, when can I expect my skin to peel?

I can't give you a photo because I won't even look in the mirror. So scared and have much anxiety. When can I expect my face to peel, on day 4 now and... READ MORE

Are track marks normal on day 4?

Had procedure done last wed morning, this is Saturday, need to peel and have track marks, is this normal? READ MORE

How to prevent future pigmentation for lighter skin tones after CO2RE laser? (Photo)

I did co2re laser 4 days ago to remove deep acne scars. Is this how the skin should be after one session? I'm really worried and scared that my skin... READ MORE

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