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Cheaper Alternatives to Invisalign?

What are alternatives to Invisalign that are less costly? READ MORE

Will Braces Really Help my Teeth or Worsen It (photo)?

I have my front two teeths protruded out and overlappd as shown in photo. i m scared if getting braces will really help after listening to some... READ MORE

What Are my Options Besides Traditional Braces? (16 Year Old Girl)

My two front teeth are both slightly crooked (both by different degree) & I also have a gap between them (1/4 cm by gums & 1/2 cm at bottom).... READ MORE

My Son Got a Wire Retainer That Does Not Allow Him to Close His Mouth at Night?

Hello, My son got a wire retainer that has about 5mm of plastic at the back and prevents him from closing his mouth. His doctor told him that it is on... READ MORE

What Will Be Most Effective to Produce the Desired Results(Damon, Invisalign, Conventional, Other, Etc.)? (photo)

With mouth shut, my lower teeth and frenum are not centered with the uppers. With mouth slightly open, I can line up the frena with malocclusion on... READ MORE

Am I eligible for smilelign clear braces?

I have a missing lateral incisor which has been replaced by an adult canine which is located next to the baby canine where it should be. My other... READ MORE

Braces due to come off and my teeth are still a mess. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have clear braces on and my dentist says there due to come off next month,one is still twisted and the others are all different lengths.My two front... READ MORE

Can clear aligners fix my overjet and the gap between my front teeth? (Photo)

I'm planning to get the clear aligners since it'll cost less than any other braces. Last month i had a consultation about this and the 6 months... READ MORE

Is there supposed to be space between aligner and teeth?

I am on first set. My lower aligner seems to have a space of 1/6th of inch between the teeth and the aligner on the inner sides, which causes... READ MORE

Worried about root resorption after Clear Aligners. Any suggestions?

I am 49 and just started ortho work with clear aligners after a relapse of treatment as a teen. I had the first tray put in this past Friday and by... READ MORE

Both of my clear retainers are broken in half. I have had it like that for a month - just wondering if it will affect my teeth

I think I have started hallucinating that my teeth are going back to how it used to be since I had proper buck teeth I was always self conscious. I... READ MORE

Will I Need Braces? Read More Information Below

Last year I got one of my back left teeth pulled out. As a result, My inner cheek gets sucked in and when I chew ,sleep or pretty much anything that... READ MORE

Clear retainers? Is it okay if I skip ahead ?

I got three clear retainers to close my gap, every time I wear one I have to wear it for two weeks then go on to the next one. It's been a week and my... READ MORE

Will removing clear ceramic Ice braces from my front 4 upper teeth/veneers break them? (Photo)

My 4 upper front teeth have veneers on them. The teeth had been prepositioned using Invisalign prior to installing the veneers, so the placement was... READ MORE

Can invisible braces/ aligners help straighten my teeth? (Photo)

Hi, I am a 21 year old male who has never had braces. I was wondering if clear braces/ aligners would help in my situation. Would Invisalign or smile... READ MORE

Can you get invisible braces as a replacement option?

I have braces now on only my front set of teeth and I'm doing a second phase for the bottom and top. I've had my braces for about 6 1/2 years and im... READ MORE

Why is MTM the minor tooth movement going to cost me $2600?

I understood that the minor tooth movement clear aligner wasnt going to cost as much as braces. So if you think about it, if i got a full mouth of the... READ MORE

Are Metal Turbos Okay to Use if I Am a Severe Nighttime Grinder?

I just began my second shot at traditional braces... During my first treatment I kept on knocking off my bottom brackets with my top front teeth... READ MORE

Is clear aligner suitable for me? I was told that it might not be able to fully close the extraction gap. (Photo)

Due to my job role and age doc suggested me to get clear aligner instead of braces.My concerns 1)the doc says by using clear aligner there is a... READ MORE

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