Both of my clear retainers are broken in half. I have had it like that for a month - just wondering if it will affect my teeth

I think I have started hallucinating that my teeth are going back to how it used to be since I had proper buck teeth I was always self conscious. I asked my ortho about permanant but she said something about it being for only the top 4 teeth and the rest would move . I you guys understand what she meant can by any chance explain. Also if I do get a replacement would they ask me to wear braces again or what I get a new one and it breaks .

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Protect your Investment

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My suggestion is to go back and visit your orthodontist as soon as possible. You have just invested a lot of your time and money into having a beautiful smile. The best way to protect your investment, is wearing a removable retainer every night. I tell my patients "night time for a lifetime".

The Woodlands Orthodontist

Maintaining your beautiful smile

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Thank you for asking this very important question.  You definitely want to continue wearing retainers because your teeth do shift throughout life.  In order to guarantee that your teeth will not shift over time, retainers are your best option.  Permanent retainers are great, but it is still recommended that you wear removable retainers while you are sleeping.  I hope this helps!

Kind regards,
Dr. Jennifer Stachel


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Retainers are designed to hold your teeth in the position they are in when the braces come off. Just as the rest of our body is changing throughout our lives, our teeth always have a tendency to move. Wearing the retainers prevents this from happening.

If you put a fixed retainer on the top front 4 teeth, it will hold those in place and they should not move. The rest of the teeth would not have any kind of retainer on them -- this means that they may shift over time. My suggestion for this would be to place a fixed retainer on the front 4 teeth and then a clear retainer over that. 

If you are happy with the position of your teeth right now, you can get a new set of retainers made without needing braces. If any of the teeth have moved and you want them to move back, this may require braces and then a new set of retainers. 

If it happens to break again in the future, go right away to get a new one so the teeth don't shift 

Hope this helps!

Pamela Steiger, DMD
Boca Raton Orthodontist
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Clear Retainers are broken

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Not wearing retainers can cause your teeth to move back to where they were before orthodontic treatment.   Lifetime retention is usually recommended after any orthodontic treatment. 

Eric Burton, DDS
Columbia Dentist

Broken retainers

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Thanks for your question. Retainers are the best insurance against your teeth moving. Why risk loosing all your investment in money , time and pain. Geta  new set of retainers ASAP and have peace of mind having beautiful straight teeth.

Thanks again!

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