Invisalign Vs. Clear Correct

What's the difference? Is one better than the other (price, treatment time, satisfaction)?

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Invisalign vs Clear Correct...

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Invisalign has been around much longer, but some of my patients prefer Clear Correct.  
Here are a few reasons why:

1)  charges the doctor and ultimately the patient for the final retainer at the end, which could cost the patient on average about $800 additional.
2) charges for extra steps if the patient is not completely happy at the end of treatment.
3) Prices are usually higher per case.
4)  Customer service is poor.

Clear Correct:
1)  retainer at the end is often free.
2) if patient is not completely satisfied at the end, additional steps are usually free for full cases.
3) prices are usually less.
4) customer service is great.
5) the clear aligners seem thinner and clearer than Invisalign's.  This makes them even less noticeable than Invisalign in my opinion.

Hope this helps.  Take care.

Used both

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I've used both Invisalign and Clear Correct and have had equal success with each. I like the fact that Clear Correct manufactures their aligners right here in the United States, not offshore like Invisalign. Does Invisalign have more fancy bells and whistles for the provider...yes. But as a provider of both, I get just as much success from Clear Correct as from Inivisalign. To me it's a Ford versus Chevy argument. Hope that helps.

Keith Grimm, DMD
Houston Dentist

Clear Aligner Treatment

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I've had the opportunity to successfully treat my patients with both Invisalign and Clear Correct, as well as other clear Aligner systems.  I have had great success with each clear Aligner modality. Invisalign definitely has an edge over clear correct.  Their treatment planning software is top notch and their patented smart track material is more comfortable in the mouth and tends to track better through treatment.  However, clear correct plastic is the same plastic that Invisalign used to use and was successfully used for years prior to their upgrade to smart track plastic.  Like a previous doctor mentioned above, I too appreciate the fact that Clear Correct manufactures their aligners right here in the United States, and not outsourced like Invisalign.  Does Invisalign have more fancy bells and whistles for the provider...yes. But, Clear correct tends to be a less expensive lab bill to the provider and that is typically passed on to the patient.  To me if the dentist provider knows how to properly treatment plan and use clear Aligner systems you can get equal and fabulous results from either.  Invisalign will always be the well known name brand but that doesn't always make a product  worth much more than its competitor.

Good luck!

Invisalign vs clear correct

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When a patient comes into our orthodontic office they are paying for a service.  Your orthodontist is going to give you the result while utilizing the tools necessary to get that result.   If the doctor can give you the result with a clear tray from company A or B shouldn't matter, both companies make trays that exert a force on the tooth to get it to the desired position.

As for treatment time, the process of moving a tooth through bone takes time.  Generally, the farther a tooth has to move the longer it takes.  Orthodontics accomplishes this movement by putting a force on the tooth to get it to move.  If there is no force then there is no movement.  An orthodontist uses brackets (lingual or traditional) with wires, trays (invisalign or clear correct) , appliances, and sometimes retainers with springs to place the ideal force to move a tooth.  Your orthodontist can reduce treatment time by making sure you do not have any months where there is NO force on the tooth.  Visits to the office are generally to make sure the teeth have the correct force and direction.  If one method was better at moving teeth and reduced treatment time, then most likely other methods would be considered outdated and not used anymore. 

Vivian Maung, DDS, MS
Los Angeles Dentist

Clear Correct vs Invisalign

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I haves used invisalign for 8 years and tried clear correct.  Clear correct is a little less expensive, but the invisalign system has so much more development and resources behind it it is hard to compete.  Hopefully their will be many competitors in this market soon that will help drive the price down.  

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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Clear Correct is a new competitor in the clear braces market.

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Clear Correct is trying to take business away from Invisalign and so far, they are quite successful at it.  They have much lower fees than Invisalign, no change on treatment time and use many of the same concepts as Invisalign.  From my experience, it wouldn't be hard to beat Invisalign's customer service.  The time it takes for Invisalign to return a product is ridiculous.  If your dentist offers Clear Correct he/she should be able to pass on the savings to you, therefore, Clear Correct fees should be a little less than Invisalign.

Daniel W. Schiavone, DDS
Rochester Dentist

Invisalign and Clear Correct are very similar

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Essentially Clear Correct and Invisalign are the same thing, clear aligners designed to move teeth.  Many cases with Clear Correct use fewer aligners, so the fees may be a bit lower.  However, not every tool can be use for every case, so the choice may not be up to the patient about what would work.  Invisalign is the market leader and may be more predictable, but nothing is a substitute for the advice of your dentist or orthodontist.

No difference in technology; possible difference in cost

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I am a provider for both Invisalign and ClearCorrect, and I know that there is no difference in the technology. There can be some difference in cost, but mainly the success of treatment lies with how well your doctor understands clear aligners and how well he/she can deliver your desired outcome. The brand of the plastic aligners has no bearing on how your teeth will move, and how your bite will feel and look at the the end of treatment. 

Kiyan Mehdizadeh, DMD
San Diego Dentist

Clear correct vs invisalign

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Invisalign has been around for 10 years...clear correct only a few. Invisalign has many advantages althougth it can be a little bit more expensive..well worth the extra cost

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

Invisalign superior

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I use both Invisalign and Clear Correct.  I only use Clear Correct when I only want to realign one arch of teeth.  Invisalign will only do both arches, and thus the cost is doubled.  The accuracy and design of the aligners from Clear Correct is not as good as Invisalign's.  The delivery time with Clear Correct is also much longer and undependable.  Go with Invisalign.

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