Cheaper Alternatives to Invisalign?

What are alternatives to Invisalign that are less costly?

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Alternatives to Invisalign...

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Great question.  There are several clear aligner alternatives to Invisalign, but I would consider Clear Correct the best alternative.  After working with Invisalign and several alternatives for years, many of my patients have actually preferred Clear Correct over Invisalign.  Not only is the price less expensive, but the quality of the clear aligners appear to be better or just as good as Invisalign.  If you are looking for less expensive alternatives, Clear Correct is the best.

Alternatives to Invisalign

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Great question. There are several cheaper alternatives to Invisalign that work just as well. In India, we have been using two systems ClearPath and K-Line at our practice which have provided us with excellent results at a fraction of the cost.

We have in fact had a few patients visit us from Europe and North America visit us to get this treatment done.

Prashant Nanda, MDS
India Dentist

Treatment alternatives to Invisalign

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In today's economy, this is a good question.  There are alot of similar products out there that claim to do what Invisalign does, however there are no other companies to my knowledge that have the level of reasearch and product development to provide what you can expect from Invisalign, especially considering the costs are pretty much the same.  The only real choice is whether you want traditional braces or Invisalign, assuming both are an option for you.

Carlo Biasucci, DDS
Ontario Dentist

There are some more cost effective alternatives to Invisalign.

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There are several companies that fabricate clear aligners to help straighten teeth.  Invisalign is the biggest and most well-known company and has the longest track record with the fabrication of tooth aligners.  Having said that, Ormco, another orthodontic company, has a series of aligners called "Simply 5" that are similar to Invisalign, but may be at a lower cost.  More recently, Invisalign has come out with a 5-Aligner system called "Invisalign Express 5" which may be a cost option at a lower cost.  This system is also 5 trays, worn over 10 weeks and is good for minor alignment.  Check with your local orthodontist for alternatives that may be more cost effective than full Invisalign treatment.

Andrew Young, DDS
Fort Worth Orthodontist

Cheap Alternatives to Invisalign are a Dime a Dozen

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There are a lot of companies who offer cheaper "alternatives" to Invisalign, but with all the research and development and treatment data behind the Invisalign product (attachment design, tooth movement speed, etc.) there is a reason for the price difference. Invisalign will provide you the most predictable results with clear aligner treatment.

To list just a few copycat products:

  • ClearCorrect
  • Simpli5
  • ClearAlign

There are also many more imitation products offered by independent labs for minor tooth movements, so there is no shortage of imitators out there. In truth, the patents behind Invisalign aren't really all that strong and there have been numerous patent challenges that Invisalign has lost. What is really the strength of their product is the technology and data behind it, which no company can match for now.

Scott Frey, DDS
Allentown Orthodontist

Alternatives to Invisalign

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There are not many. There are companies that have tried, unfortunately Invisalign still hold many patens that don't allow for any true equal competitors yet.

There are other products out there, but in general they can not handle the complex case that Align can as predictably.

Jacqueline Demko, DDS, MSD
Chesterfield Orthodontist

Invisalign Competitors

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There are currently only a few alternatives these days to invisalign treatment.  However, in my opinion Invisalign is still the gold standard for clear Aligner therapy.

The closest competitor to invisalign  is Clear Correct.(though some new big players are to enter the market in the near future)

Clear Correct  offers a similar treatment planning software for the dentists and the price is slightly less expensive, but the quality of the clear aligners appear to be pretty close to a similar older version of Invisalign.  If you are looking for less expensive alternatives Clear Correct May be the option best for you.

Cheaper Aligners Made in Lab on BioStar Thermocompressing machine

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Clearpath dubai and k line Germany are cheaper than invisalign. Apart from them. Clear aligners from Dentcare and. Flash orthodontics also available. Another option for simple cases we make on lab technician made plaster setup models and then formed in biostar machine

Lingual braces with sure smile also works good

Aashish Mathesul, MDS
India Orthodontist

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