Are metal braces more efficient than inspire ice clear braces? (Photo)

I am undergoing orthodontic treatment for 2 and half years now. I have clear brace. initially they removed 4 tooth for my treatment. I had protruding upper jaw. now, lower jaw gap is removed completely, upperjaw gap still remains. doctor is saying to switch to metal brackets to finish the treatment sooner. they are also saying because of my current brace , my upper jaw are getting over torqued. Am i misguided here??

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Dear sayanee,

Thank you for posting your question on RealSelf.  I will do my best to answer your questions with the information provided.  

I am not completely familiar with the Ice brackets, because I use a different company.  In my experience, clear braces treated around the same time as metal braces.  Regarding torque, it is not the braces that are causing it most likely.  It's the mechanics that your orthodontist is using to close the spaces.

I recommend addressing these concerns with your existing orthodontist.  If you don't feel comfortable with his answer, I suggest seeking a second opinion from another local orthodontic specialist.

I hope that this helps and good luck.


Dr. Jenn

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