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Double-chin on ONE Side of Face. What is my Best Option? (photo)

In 2002, I asked my Dr. about my one-sided double chin and he referred me to a neurologist. The neurologist said that I likely had nerve damage that... READ MORE

Is Asymmetrical Swelling Typical 1 Month After Chin Lipo?

The swelling (if it's actually swelling) under my chin is much worse on one side. Not sure if it was uneven fat left behind or just fluid. I had... READ MORE

I have an uneven skin retraction and vertical bands after chin/neck lipo. What can be done? (photos)

10 month post op. I'm 33. Seems surgeon removed ALL the fat in the center of my neck so I have one area of loose skin, and the rest is stuck to my... READ MORE

Wondering what to do about uneven chin. (photo)

I'm not sure if my uneven chin is a problem of a little extra fat on one side or if my jaw is misaligned. When I push the fat up with my finger I can... READ MORE

2 weeks post op chin/neck lipo. Is this normal healing? (photos)

Do you think the lopsided look that I have now will even out? I know it is early in the healing process. Will it eventually resemble the 1 day post op... READ MORE

I have unequal healing/lump after chin lipo/neck lift. Any suggestions?

I had a neck lift and chin lipo on Friday, July 10. I'm generally happy with the results so far, but there is a definite lump under on the left side... READ MORE

My chin lipo seems uneven. Would it be swollen only on one side immediately after surgery? (Photo)

I had chin lipo 8 days ago. As soon as the doctor showed me a mirror, I noticed that there seemed to be an uneven area under my chin. (like one side... READ MORE

Chin at 6 months post liposuction/chin lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had chin liposuction along with a lower face lift 6 1/2 months ago. My neck has lumps & uneven cording like areas. I'm concerned this is the... READ MORE

Chin lipo results worsening with time; what can be done? (Photo)

I had lipo under my chin 1.5 years ago. From the outset, the uneven contour appeared and I mentioned it to my Dr at each follow up appt to which he... READ MORE

Chin fat pad removal/reduction (not bone), liposuction under chin, no results - why? (photos)

Fat pad reduction with under sition and liposuction undet chin. result: lumpy uneven and 0 result.Chin fatpad reduction + liposuction under chin.... READ MORE

Can I get chin liposuction after I have received 2 treatment sessions of Kybella?

I received 2 sessions of kybella about 6 months apart. I so regret the second round. In certain lighting it looks like something was ripped away from... READ MORE

Can I have my uneven jaw repaired? (photo)

The left side of my jaw protrudes further feels like I have more tissue growth there and it's not that my actual jaw bone is uneven. Can this... READ MORE

The left side of my face is partially paralyzed, causing excess fat to my left lower cheek and jawline. Advice? (photos)

Hello Docs, I was born with nerve damage on the left side of my lower face. When I speak or smile, my lips look like a Nike check. My left side of my... READ MORE

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