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How Long Should Chin Strap Be Worn After Chin Liposuction?

My doctor suggests wearing chin strap after chin liposuction 2 weeks all day, and additional 4 weeks at night. But, 2 weeks seems excessive, and the... READ MORE

Will Not Wearing a Compression Garment Affect Final Results on Neck?

Had neck and jowl vaser lipo with virtually no swelling or bruising so only wore the garment for 48 hours. Will this affect the final result three... READ MORE

Compression Garment and Swelling After Laser Lipo in Chin/Neck

I am 4.5 weeks postop from Chin/Neck Lipo. When I do not wear my compression garment as tight or as often my neck has more of a slope to it. When... READ MORE

Stiff, Lumpy Neck 2.5 Weeks After Chin Liposuction

I had chin liposuction 2.5 weeks ago. I've been to the surgeon he says the symptoms are normal but I would just like a reality check. My neck area... READ MORE

Loose Skin After Double Chin Liposuction- Will It Fix Itself Or Do I Need Treatment?

Hi, i had a pretty mild case of double chin and underwent double chin liposuction 1 month ago. however, i did not use the compression cloths like the... READ MORE

After Neck and Jowl Lipo - Wrinkles w/o Compression Garment

I was told to only wear the next compression garment for 4 days-24 hours a day. So I stop wearing it, now I have notice wrinkle are starting to... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Take Compression Garment off for a Couple Hours a Few Days After Chin Lipo?

I had chin lipo four days ago. I was told to wear the cg 23 hours a day, taking off to bath, which is what I've been doing, plus loosening it to... READ MORE

Can Wearing Compression Garments Incorrectly Lead to Bad Results? (photo)

I'm 10 days post-op from neck lipo and arm lift. I'm pleased and grateful for the procedure, but also hopeful it will improve even further. I've been... READ MORE

More Swelling at Day 7 Than at Day 4

I had lipo suction on my chin and neck 7 days ago.I wore the compression garment for 4 continuous days. When I had a follow up with my doctor, he had... READ MORE

Is It Okay If I Stop Using Chin Strap 2 Week Post Op? I Still Have Lump

Is it ok if I stop using chin strap after 2 weeks even if I still have lump in my neck? READ MORE

Chin Lipo, Swollen, Need Fast Solution; Water Pills? (photo)

I had chin lip procedure 2 days ago, wearing compression bandage. Face and neck very swollen. Need to work on monday ( 3 days from now) without anyone... READ MORE

Why is the compression garment making the swelling worse when it is suppose to help reduce it?

I had chin laser lipo on Monday morning & have to wear the garment for 2weeks. I've been wearing it as requested, however I took it off for a... READ MORE

How long do you have to wear a compression garment for Neck Liposuction?

How long after a neck liposuction do you have to wear a compression garment for? Would it be 24/7 or just at night? READ MORE

How Long After is the Chin Support Important?

I just got chin/neck liposuction and my first night in my sleep I took my compression garmet off!!! I woke up in a panic! Did I just ruin everything?... READ MORE

Chin Lipo on Sept 19. Doc Did not Give me Chin Strap? (photo)

I have had chin lipo done o the19th September. My Dr did not prescribe a chin strap. Looks like everyone else has one. Will this affect the overall... READ MORE

I'm having Platysmaplasty and Liposuction under my chin soon. I would like some advice...

1?Does stretching benefit in order to stop the muscle from shortening itself post surgery 2 ?Wearing the compression garment for more than a week any... READ MORE

Is this normal almost 4 weeks post op? Is this Asymmetrical swelling? Will I get that perfect tight contour back? (photos)

I had my chin liposuction March 3, 2016. I wore the compression band for a full week and never removed until the office visit a week later. My neck... READ MORE

Is 5 months too long to wear chin compression garment?

I was advised in my 2nd month after Laser Lipo procedure for my chin area, to continue wearing my chin compression garment as long as I can. I have... READ MORE

Putting Cold Compress 1 Week After Chin Lipo?

Im putting a cold compress on my chin and some part that is swollen and it ok? READ MORE

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