How Long Should Chin Strap Be Worn After Chin Liposuction?

My doctor suggests wearing chin strap after chin liposuction 2 weeks all day, and additional 4 weeks at night. But, 2 weeks seems excessive, and the strap will be embarrassing to wear. Just curious if it's really necessary to wear that long. I'm young with elastic skin that seems to go back quickly.

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Chin strap for 2 weeks after chin or neck liposuction is ideal, one week is essential

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After chin or  neck liposuction a space is created beneath the neck skin where the fat was removed. Blood and fluid can collect in these spaces and interfere with the reattachment of the neck skin to the underlying neck muscles and also cause prolonged swelling. This swelling can interfere with the desired skin tightening that needs to occur on the neck after the fat has been removed.

The purpose of the chin strap after liposuction of the chin or neck is to compress the skin and prevent fluid collection and swelling and encourage the tightening of the lax skin following liposuction fat removal.

Thus the chin strap compression is a very important component of the liposuction procedure.

I prefer my patients wear their chin strap for 10-14 days which I think is ideal. I also suggest they wear the chin strap at night for several weeks after they stop wearing the chin strap during the day.

The pressure exerted by the chin strap definitely helps contour the skin during the healing process.

Recently, many patients object to wearing the strap for so long. I have asked these patients to wear the strap for at least a week, 24 hours a day and then at night for several weeks after.

I also feel it is OK to remove the strap on day 5 to shower the face and hair and wash the chin strap but replace it after that .

How long for a chin strap?

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My patients are instructed to wear a chin strap day and night for one week and then just at night if it provides them comfort.  It's really important for patients to sleep flat on their back with their chin extended for the first week after surgery and to make sure the strap fits smoothly.  This helps prevent any creases from forming. 

If people comment on the strap when you are out and about, just say you had jaw surgery (or say it's NOYB).

Lisa Lynn Sowder, M.D.

Chin Dressing for One Week is Enough

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After chin liposuction I recommend that patients wear a gentle compression dressing for one week both night and day.  After that, they can wear the dressing at night and during the day at home, but can wear nothing when out of the house.  The most important part of an operation is the operation.  The dressings afterwards help some with swelling and bruising, but will not dramatically change the final end result. 

John Bitner, MD
Salt Lake City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Neck strap after lipo for 1 week

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If you wore the neck sling the rest of your life it might help you avoid a facelift down the road, but then you'd never get to see your nice jawline.  Practically speaking, I've found very few patients who would wear one longer than a week, though a some have worn it off and on for a few weeks.

Mario Loomis, MD
Middletown Plastic Surgeon
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Wearing a chin compression garment is essential after Chin liposuction

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The two most important factors to ensure a great result after liposuction of the chin include the quality of the patient's skin and the compliance of the patient with wearing the chin garments afterwards. In our practice, we tell the patients said they cannot wear the garment enough. We recommend that the patients where the garment 24 hours a day at least for the first two weeks after their surgery. After this period, patients should wear their garment as soon as they return home from work and throughout the evening. The garment is essential in ensuring that the skin of the neck draped smoothly over the underlying muscle.

Chin Straps to be Worn 1 Week Following Chin Liposuction (Both Day & Night)

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Chin liposuction is frequently associated with significant swelling in the post-operative period.  For this reason the vast majority of plastic surgeons recommend the use of compressive chin straps.

We generally recommend that chin straps be worn day and night for at least one week following surgery.  This is followed by an additional two weeks of night time usage.

When these maneuvers are utilized in combination with head elevation and low salt diets, swelling resolves and patients are able to quickly resume their normal daily activities.

Neck strap

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I actually follow the same protocol that your surgeon gave you.  I know it's cumbersome to wear the neck strap, but the reason you are getting these instructions is to give you the best result possible.  Liposuction makes tiny holes in your tissues and the compression helps your tissues sink down nicely and not have the holes fill with fluid that could cause a less than ideal result.   After going through the process of having surgery, I'd recommend following your doctor's instructions to help you get the best result possible.


Dr. Cat Begovic M.D.

Chin strap after Liposuction

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There is much debate in the area of how long a chin strap should be worn, as you can see from the two other responses. In general, people who have regular liposuction wear their chin strap longer than patients who undergo laser liposuction. In my approach, since most of what I do is laser liposuction, my patients wear the chin strap 72-96 hours. After that period of time, I don’t see that much more can be accomplished by continuing to wear it.

Neck compression with Liposuction

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It depends on how much tissue will be Liposuctioned. if it is a small amount it probably does not matter. If it is a larger amount and you want the skin to constract then I would recommend wearing it a few weeks.

It does not have to be worn in public but when you finish your day the compression will help skin constraction which takes time.

Sharon Theresa McLaughlin MD
Long Island City Plastic Surgeon

Chin Strap following Chin Liposuction

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Wearing a chin strap to apply compression following liposuction is key to achieving the best possible result.  The strap not only improves swelling of the area but reduces the likelihood of developing a collection of blood or fluid by applying direct compression.  This will expedite the recovery process and maximize the result.  I recommend wearing the strap as much as realistically possible for the first two weeks and then while in the house or when going to sleep for the subsequent four weeks.

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