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Can Wearing Compression Garments Incorrectly Lead to Bad Results? (photo)

I'm 10 days post-op from neck lipo and arm lift. I'm pleased and grateful for the procedure, but also hopeful it will improve even further. I've been... READ MORE

How Can I Expect To Have Funny Speech After Chin Lipo? 10 Days Out Now.

Im 10 days out from smart lipo on my chin and neck. I have a little tightness, but my issue is I have a hard time enunciating my words and when... READ MORE

Numbness Getting Near Mouth and Upper Hurts?

1 week an 3 days after chin it hurts and the swelling ang numbness is getting near my mouth and upper jawline its stiff ang I cant talk... READ MORE

Chin Liposuction on 24 yr old. Should I have swelling?

I just got chin liposuction done 10 days ago. I am currently in the healing process. My question: 24 hours after my surgery, I took a peak under my... READ MORE

Nerve damage from chin liposuction?

I had neck/ chin lipo 10 days ago. I am still swollen in my gland area on both sides, which I know is normal. My concern is that my lip/mouth muscles... READ MORE

Lines under chin after lipo. Is this normal? (Photo)

I am 11 days post surgery and had lipo under my chin. The area is still quite tender and numb and I am still wearing the head compression bandage... READ MORE

Is it normal for swelling to get worse 5 days after chin liposuction?

I got double chin liposuction 12 days ago. For the first week my jaw line and neck looked great. However, I'm now experiencing a lot of swelling and... READ MORE

36 years, 10 days post chin/neck liposuction. When will I look presentable again?

Hello good doctors, Due to the classic saggy useless look. Exercise changed nothing. My experienced surgeon suggested all I needed was liposuction.... READ MORE

After 16 months of chin lipo, just had additional fat removed 10 days ago - following dr recovery instructions.

How to avoid a repeated fluid or fat filling in the space created after suction? I do wear compression grmnt.; low salt; massages; elevated pillow.... READ MORE

Chin lipo hard lump - 10 days post-op. (Photo)

I had under chin lipo 10 days ago. I'm wearing the head wrap whenever home. I've developed a big hard lump on the left side under the jaw! It's... READ MORE

I'm 10 days post-op and I've developed a rash of some sort on my chin and neck. How can I get some relief? (Photo)

I had my chin liposuctioned and hadn't had any issues until two days ago when some itching began. As of yesterday this rash has appeared. My plastic... READ MORE

11 days post op after having chin/neck lipo. Is this normal? (Photo)

Didn't have much swelling to begin with however do notice a hard bump that hurts when I touch it. Wore my garment around the clock the first 4 days... READ MORE

10 days after chin lipo: stiffness and lumpy chin - normal? (photos)

I had my chin lipo 9 days ago , no brusing and bo pain , im still wearing my garment 24/7 but 'my chin looks like getting more stiffy and lumpy now ,... READ MORE

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