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Fatty Lump After Chin Lipo? (photo)

Hi i got lipo for the chin but now have hard lumps left that will not go after. it has been 4 weeks now this there anything i can do to help them go away READ MORE

Loose Skin After Double Chin Liposuction- Will It Fix Itself Or Do I Need Treatment?

Hi, i had a pretty mild case of double chin and underwent double chin liposuction 1 month ago. however, i did not use the compression cloths like the... READ MORE

How to Make the Skin Under the Chin Tight After Chin Liposuction?

I've had a chin liposuction 5 weeks ago, and most of the swelling is gone. But the skin directly under the chin is still a bit loose and it... READ MORE

Chin Implant- Too Wide? (photo)

Hi! Its been 5 weeks since i did my surgery. I had a liposuction + chin implant. I really feel that this surgery has changed my face from the front... READ MORE

Is Asymmetrical Swelling Typical 1 Month After Chin Lipo?

The swelling (if it's actually swelling) under my chin is much worse on one side. Not sure if it was uneven fat left behind or just fluid. I had... READ MORE

Ridges After Facial and Neck Liposuction

I am 5 weeks post facial and neck liposculpting and platysmaplasty. I have 2 long ridges along and under left cheek bone. How can these be removed? READ MORE

Are my Results Normal?

I had chin liposuction one month ago. I still have a hard, sore lump and the skin is saggy. I wore my chin strap constantly at first and now that I'm... READ MORE

Vertical Neck Bands After Chin Liposuction Will This Resolve?

I'm 1 month post liposuction of the chin. I had some lumps and bumpiness which seems to be going down with massage but when I lift my chin up there... READ MORE

4 weeks post op chin lipo - no difference. Is it too soon to tell? (photo)

The bruising is gone, there is some residual swelling but I'm concerned that I look the same or worse than before 1 month post op. Is this too soon? READ MORE

Nerve Injury After Chin Liposuction?

I had liposuction under the chin 25 days ago. I have this throbbing /stabbing pain on both sides of my jaw, The incision it has a hard knot very... READ MORE

I had chin liposuction 5 weeks ago and I still have a line of hard swelling. Is this normal?

I've been massaging the area all days, but it doesn't seem to improve. I also look fatter than I was. READ MORE

Would using Topical Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream help my neck/chin lumps from recent lipo?

I had neck & chin lipo 4 weeks ago. I'm still quite sore & lumpy. I wear the head compression wrap at night now for a few hours. I've been massaging... READ MORE

Healing of Nerves After Chin Lipo and Augmentation?

It's been 5 weeks since I've had my chin augmentation & liposuction under the chin. I think I'm healing fine, but the nerve from my chin to my... READ MORE

Is This Normal 4 Weeks After Liposuction?

Is it normal to have a swollen, hard, sore area under the chin 4 weeks after liposuction? Also, is it normal to still have no feeling in one of my... READ MORE

What fiscal therapy do you recommend for facial paralysis after chin lipo? (Photo)

I had chin and jawline lipo 3 1/2 weeks ago, I have lower right lip paralisis (only when I try to pull it down), Dr recomended Prednisone (15, 20 mg... READ MORE

35 year old Chin liposuction 5 weeks out, still have incision hardening and some lumps. Wondering if that is normal? (photo)

. Also the day after surgery my double chin was gone and now 5 weeks later I feel it's back. My doctor keeps telling me it's swelling and the scar... READ MORE

Chin liposuction 5 weeks ago today and absolutely zero change?

I had tumescent lipo of chin 5 weeks ago today; 3 incisions, one under chin & behind each ear. Waiting v, v patiently. My chin looks still exactly... READ MORE

Disappointed after chin lipo 5 weeks post op. Will it improve? Can it be swelling? Or should I see better results now? (Photo)

I had chin lipo 8. july how long can it be swollen? I've been disappointed the whole time & afraid that it will not be any difference. The chin ruins... READ MORE

Is this normal almost 4 weeks post op? Is this Asymmetrical swelling? Will I get that perfect tight contour back? (photos)

I had my chin liposuction March 3, 2016. I wore the compression band for a full week and never removed until the office visit a week later. My neck... READ MORE

Do I need more surgery? Chin lipo and neck lift 5 weeks ago (Photo)

Ropey loose skin around my neck. Do I need revision? Going for Kenalog in 2 weeks. Will that help? READ MORE

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