Lumps + Chin Implant

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Front View of Chin - Deep Crease and Golfball/Bubble Chin

I got a chin implant about 10 months ago. I'm not satisfied with it. My labiomental crease is deep and when I smile, my chin looks like a... READ MORE

Perioral Mounds, Weak Chin, Bimax Protrusion, What Do You Recommend? (photo)

I have had these "mounds" below the corners of my mouth and above my chin that make it seem like my mouth protrudes. I don't like the... READ MORE

Neck-lift Complication: What is This Frontal Neck Lump? Why Isn't It Resolving After 2 Cortisone Shots? (photo)

61 days PO lf/nk lift/chin implant w/lipo under chin&neck. Drainage tubes for 2 days. 2 wks PO, a lump formed near top left of trachea. PS said it... READ MORE

I Have a Lump on my Chin After a Chin Implant? It Has Been One Month Since Surgery.

It is very firm and round and quite large, right in the centre of my chin. I'm very worried about it. Is it an infection? Is it swelling? Do I... READ MORE

Scar & Jowl Lumps After Chin Implant?

I am one week post op from a chin implant; external incision. The scar is swollen/protruded, and is somewhat hard & lumpy. Will the scar ever... READ MORE

7 days post Chin Implant with painful lump. Should I be concerned? (photos)

I had small chin implant 7 days ago, intra oral with screw fixation I've been wearing chin strap as instructed. I have been feeling this lump on my... READ MORE

Soft Lump of Tissue Formed After Chin Implant Replacement, How can this be Removed?

I had a medpor chin implant for 3 years but had always found it too big. 3 months ago I decided to replace it with a smaller medpor implant. Now the... READ MORE

Neck Lipo/chin Implant: Right Side More Swollen & Painful then Left?

My right side has alot of lumpiness that i try to massage out a few times a day, but its really bad under my chin on the right side (also had a chin... READ MORE

Is my chin implant crooked or it is inflammation? (photos)

I got my chin implant a month ago and since the second day I notice one side bigger than the other but my doctor assure me it would go away. But I... READ MORE

I Had a 6mm Chin Implant About 6-7 Weeks Ago, and Tail On the Right Has Gone Under the Jawline?

Needed correcting as the tail on the right had gone under the jawline. This was done but there is still a lump there, I am not sure if this is scar... READ MORE

Lump after chin implant replacement. Is it scar tissue? Old capsule? Seroma?

I had a medpor implants with wings and replaced it with a Sillicone implant without wings 3 months ago. At first,two sides of jawline where the wings... READ MORE

How long should I wait for steroid injection for scar tissue after Chin Revision?

Chin revision from a medpor to a smaller sillicon. Semi soft lumps not going anywhere both sides of jawline after 4months. Went to couple doctors... READ MORE

Unusual soft lumps 4 months after medpor chin implants replacement. Can surgical scar tissue removal help?

I changed my medpor to a sillicone with thinner wings 4 months ago.Developed soft and tissue like lumps along my jawline where the thick medpor wings... READ MORE

Mini-Liposuction Question?

I have had a chin plant removed,and when the area healed it left a very large ball of scar tissue on my chin. A plastic surgeon went in and scraped... READ MORE

Is it just swelling or a lump after chin implant removal?

I had put a chin implant on Dec 11 and after a week, I hated it and asked for it to be removed the next day (Dec 19). It has been at least a week... READ MORE

Small lumps after chin implant (7days post-op). Should I be nervous? (Photo)

I'm 7 days post-op (rhynoseptoplasty+chin implant). I noticed 2 small lumps under the skin on my chin. They are about 2mm in size - 1.5 cm from each... READ MORE

Can Problems with a Chin Implant Cause Lumps on the Tongue?

I had submental lipo and a medpor chin implant inserted intra-orally about two yrs ago. Since then, and rarely if ever before, I have been getting... READ MORE

Lump under chin implant scar.

I just got a chin implant 4 days ago and the scar is healing great, and I have no nerve issues. However, there's a lump directly around/under one side... READ MORE

Chin implant revision and removal of fibrous lumps after Juvederm then Hyaluronidase injections. I suspect it's filler! (Photo)

I got a chin implant in 2012, it was by NAGOR LTD ref: c1-cb3. I am unhappy with the width and shape and have recently been told by a different... READ MORE

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