Jowls + Chin Implant

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What is the minimally evasive procedure for my chin area. Chin implant, liposuction or neck lift?

I feel like I have a double chin and lack a jaw line but I am scared of having a masculine jaw with a implant. I am 46 and feel like I am slightly... READ MORE

Chin Implant Problems After Ten Months

Can a chin implant become infected or cause jowl swelling on each side of implant, pain and tightness after 10 months. READ MORE

Does a Pre-jowl Chin Implant Also Help Project Forward a Weak Chin? (photo)

I have pre jowls and a weak chin (medium size chin implant suggested at 3 consults with facial plastic surgeons). The pre jowl implant was suggested... READ MORE

Why Does the Chin Implant Gives Me a a Deep Jowl at the Corner of my Mouth Which I Didn't Have Before? (photo)

I had a large central chin implant without the wings a month ago. It was placed externally underneath my chin. My doctor was trying to give me a... READ MORE

Would I Benefit from a Chin Augmentation? (photo)

I am only 25, however, my face is already starting to sag, mainly around my lower face, the left side is slightly worse. I don't smoke or sunbathe so... READ MORE

What Would Cause A Chin Implant To Create A Jowling Effect? Why A Bump 3 Weeks Post Op?

Two questions: Under what circumstances will a chin implant create a jowling effect in a patient? I had a chin implant inserted three weeks ago and... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Mittleman prejowl implant? (photo)

I had facelift, necklift, liposuction under the chin and fat grafting on the face two months ago. I am not satisfied with the result. Although it is... READ MORE

Chin implant too big? Causing jowls? (photo)

I had a chin implant almost three weeks ago And I dislike it more and more every day. My chin was VERY weak before and I had fullness in the lower... READ MORE

Would a chin implant make my jowls disappear? (Photo)

I hate my profile as I feel that my nose is too big for my face. I have considered a nose job for a long time. But I have finally come to a decision... READ MORE

How will a chin implant affect my jowls? (photo)

One doctor said an implant with some neck suctioning would be just the thing and that the jowls would be improved by the implant. The second said that... READ MORE

Scar & Jowl Lumps After Chin Implant?

I am one week post op from a chin implant; external incision. The scar is swollen/protruded, and is somewhat hard & lumpy. Will the scar ever... READ MORE

Is my chin implant to small for my face? (photo)

Had a small anatomical chin implant put in last month and with most of the swelling subsided i realize that the size of impant my surgeon picked out... READ MORE

Bumps and Jowls After Chin Augmentation

I had a medium size chin implnat placed 2 1/2 weeks ago. I had a very receeded chin and weak jaw line. My profile has improved but I do not like the... READ MORE

What Can I Do About my Nose, Chin, and Saggy Cheeks?

I've been insecure about my nose since I was a child. I don't know if it's too big for my face or if I just need to fix the bridge because... READ MORE

What would you recommend for this weak chin/jawline and pre-jowl issue? I'm only 27! (photos)

I've always struggled with a weak chin/jaw since I was a child; it runs in my family. Now that I'm approaching 30, and have never become comfortable... READ MORE

Young small female seeking chin implant revision. Should I revise it with the anatomical or curvilinear chin implant?

9 weeks ago, I had a medium sized mittelman prejowl chin implant placed submentally. It is too wide and has unwanted lengthening effect. This certain... READ MORE

Wondering if a Chin Implant is the way to go? (photo)

I'm 56 with good skin tone, but a full face and the beginnings of jowls. I have a slightly weak chin and wonder if some augmentation would improve my... READ MORE

Chin implant revision? (Photos)

I'm in my early 20s and got a chin implant last year and am unhappy with the results. Now it looks too small, unequal, and does not fix my jowl issues... READ MORE

Can a Chin Implant Achieve What I Want?

My (m, 35) chin is recessed about 12mm posterior to my upper lip. It chin also lacks height. (My LAFH is ~75mm: upper lip ~25mm, lower lip ~25mm, chin... READ MORE

Jaw angle implant? (Photo)

Hi! I wanted to ask about whether or now jaw angle implants would be right for me. I have a narrow face and really want to widen and plump it. I am... READ MORE

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