Antibiotic + Chin Implant

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Chin Implant Infection 6 Months Post-Op, Does it Have to be Removed or Will Antibiotics be Enough?

I had a chin implant via intraoral approach 6 months ago - in august 2011. It went completely fine. The results are more than satisfying. I did not... READ MORE

Chin Implant Infection from Wearing the Garment/chin Strap Too Tight? (Photo)

My chin implant/lipo around neck was done 6 wks ago, the incision was healing fine until 2 wks ago i wore the strap too tight it seemed to be the best... READ MORE

How can chin implant biofilm be treated? Can it be reduced with antibiotic or heat? Can it be ignored if symptoms are mild?

My chin implant was done 15 years ago and over the last 4 yrs after a sculptra injection in the area I started feeling intermittent tightness/soreness... READ MORE

Chin implant/jaw angle implants: How many years will these implants lasts/be safe in people's faces?

1.What can doctors do to help minimise chances of infection when it comes to inserting chin or jaw angle implants?(Read doctors soak implants in... READ MORE

Lump under chin implant scar.

I just got a chin implant 4 days ago and the scar is healing great, and I have no nerve issues. However, there's a lump directly around/under one side... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for infected chin implants?

I would like to ask how long usually does the antibiotic treatment for a infected chin implant. Is it normal to do a 2 weeks course of antibiotic then... READ MORE

I'm 3 months post chin implant. Do I have an infection?

A little over 3 months after chin implant and I have had some additional swelling and tenderness/stiffness that comes and goes. I emailed (my surgery... READ MORE

2yr old Medpor Chin implant, 2 screws. After sending photos: 1st Dr. say: ok,remove&replace, 2nd Dr. says ALERT critical.(photo)

Implant secured with 2 screws. Recovery : 4 months swelling, no pain,improved in 3 months, after 6 months all good. More swelling after 9 months, got... READ MORE

Are antibiotics required for dental work after a chin implant?

When I called my dentist to make an appointment and told them that, they said I needed to get the first prescription from my Plastic Surgeon, bring... READ MORE

Chin implant 4 days ago (through the mouth) I still keep swelling as if my chin is going to explode. Is this normal? (Photos)

I ha a chin implant 4days ago (through the mouth) and I still keep swelling as I THE chin and the area under and around it is going to explode. A bit... READ MORE

Should antibiotics clear up an infection in my chin implant?

I have been tasting this puss like juice from my mouth and had my chin implant around two weeks ago today, at first I thought it was numbing cream etc... READ MORE

Antibiotics after chin implant: How much is too much?

I was prescribed Augmentin 1 gm for a week following my chin implant, as well as 5 days of Tavanic 500 mg. Now the doctor wants to put me on another 5... READ MORE

Are oral antibiotics absolutely necessary following a submental silicone chin implant procedure under local anesthetics?

Obviously the risk of infection would be higher without oral antibiotics, but how much higher? Can it be done? Is it possible to have an injection... READ MORE

If an implant fixated with screws gets infected, does it need removal or just antibiotic irrigation?

I am intending to get implants for my nose and chin and since there isnt enough graft material im going with implants. I know infection is rather rare... READ MORE

How to deal with purulent discharge after chin implant which shows no organism growth after culture and sensitivity test?(photo)

I got a medpor chin implant put up 3 years back. Soon after the surgery there was seropurulent discharge from inside of mouth (the implant was placed... READ MORE

Is my chin implant infected? (Photo)

I recently got a chin implant and I am worried that it is infected. I just got the stitches out yesterday and the doctor said everything looked great.... READ MORE

Chin implant: How can I stay away from infection please - tell me everything.

I've just got a chin implate and brow lift. Op day 3 I have salt bath all worns 2 twice I am not long wear head gear, please me as I am going back to... READ MORE

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