3 Months Post-op + Chin Implant

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Risks for Facial Disfiguration if I Remove Chin Implant?

I had the implant put in 3 months ago. I was told it was large but not huge. I am very unhappy with it and want it out. I know it can be removed... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Begin Swelling After 3 Months of Chin Implant?

I had chin augmentation through the mouth 3 months ago. I didn't swell up much after surgery and had basically no numbness. But about two weeks... READ MORE

Does my Chin Implant Need Correction? (photo)

I had a silicone implant inserted almost 2.5 months ago. I find that when I smile, it appears it is flat and raised or too high. Is it possible to... READ MORE

How Many Cm Should my Chin Implant Be? (photo)

I got a chin implant 3 months ago & It's an improvement but not what I expected. The implant is too small & I discussed this with my surgeon... READ MORE

Regretting my Crooked Chin Implant?

Under family pressure, I got a chin implant 3 months ago. I have a small chin but it didnt bother me much. Now I got the implant and it is crooked.... READ MORE

Having Trouble After Chin Augmentation

I am 3 months post of inter oral chin implant. It was a implant tech implant and 6mm in size. I now have crooked lips, longer space between the nose... READ MORE

Expected Long Term Safety/Results of Chin Implant Removal 12 Weeks Out?

Hello. 31 year old F. Recently received a medium extended anatomical chin implant 5mm. Patiently waiting for the swelling to dissipate, however as it... READ MORE

What to Do About Loose End on Chin Implant?

I had a silicone chin implant installed 11 weeks ago, it looks fine but the left end is loose, under my jaw. After being cleared to exercise at 4... READ MORE

Sucking lower lip 3 months after medium Chin Implant? (photo)

Why my lower lip look like if a I'm sucking it after 3 months. Is it going to look back To normal and how long do I have to wait? Also I do not feel... READ MORE

Smile changed permanently after chin implant removal?

I had a medium silastic chin implant placed through submental incision in August and removed in October due to difficulty smiling It is now almost 3... READ MORE

My chin implant is big, hard and still numb 3 months post op. Will this change eventually? (Photo)

I am hoping to find answer. I had a chin augmentation, Tiplasty, Buccal fat removal in the Philippines with Doctor Eric Yapjuanco from The Icon Clinic... READ MORE

Pain on One Side of the Chin After 3 Months of the Surgery?

I had my medpor chin implant surgery on 3rd March 2012. In addition to screws surgeon made put one stitch on the right side which was lokin abnormal... READ MORE

Lower Lip Appears to Have Reverted to Gum Tissue After Chin Implant. Have I Ruined my Face?

I had a chin implant 11 wks ago via an intra-oral incision. My left lower lip was completely paralyzed. I can now lower my lip a little over halfway... READ MORE

Chin Implant Wings. 3 Month Out and It is Sore?

I am just over 3 months out and my small extended anatomical implant looks great. However, it is often sore at the ends of the wings. It feels like... READ MORE

Lump after chin implant replacement. Is it scar tissue? Old capsule? Seroma?

I had a medpor implants with wings and replaced it with a Sillicone implant without wings 3 months ago. At first,two sides of jawline where the wings... READ MORE

Chin implant wings shifted? (Photo)

I had a chin implant 3.5 months ago to help lengthen my face vertically. Just a week ago, I noticed that the wings were not following my jawline/one... READ MORE

Should I Have Chin Implant Removed? Should This Be Does Intraorally or Through External Incision?

I had small chin implant placed via intraoral incision 14 weeks ago. Have had severe ice pick like pain, tightness, numbness, and left lower lip... READ MORE

After 3 months my facelift and chin implant still has some pain and tightness

Pain and tightness in front of my ears and up on my bottom lip on the right side. It seems to get better and then comes back. It is better though then... READ MORE

Can a Gore-Tex implant be removed?

The implant made my face look really long and wider from the front. It looks terrible. I am REALLY scared that my chin will never look similar to... READ MORE

Cost of Jaw Angle Implant Revision?

Hi I've had silicone jaw angle implants placed 3 months ago but they still appear too wide for my face. Would it cost more than the original procedure... READ MORE

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