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Are chemical peels making my ice pick scars worse? Why are my pores bigger after chemical peel?

Had 3rd chemical peel done. 30% glycolic 30% salcylic. first 2 peels were 30% glycolic 20% salicylic. pores big already. I have ice pick scars. After... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Wrinkles. Forming More Wrinkles After Chemical Peels. Should I Discontinue?

I have upper eyelid surface wrinkles. I have been getting a 12.5% chemical peel every 2 weeks. After these two chemical peels more new wrinkles have... READ MORE

Can Deep Chem Peel Cause Permanent Damage?

I had a deep chem peel in may of this year. my eyes look worse. i had some fine lines prior, now i have bags (never had!) and deeper wrinkles. will... READ MORE

Skin got worse after chemical peels. Will these dark patches go away? (Photo)

My skin got really bad after chemical peels with brown patches on my cheeks my doctor told me it's melasma and adviced me to use ducray photoscreen... READ MORE

Why are my wrinkles worse after chemical peels?

I have had a handful of chempeels over the last 3 yrs. The first two were TCA 15% and I had GREAT results - acne scars improved, softening of... READ MORE

Complications after my skin peel. (photos)

10 days ago i had a peel done by a dermatologist which was supposed to be a medium peel. He definitely over frosted me on my problem areas(forehead... READ MORE

URGENT Superficial Chemical Burn from "Fire and Ice Facial" at Medical Spa. Please help!

On Friday, I had a Fire & Ice Facial from a Medi-Spa in my area. I made sure to ask if Retinol use was ok. (I had stopped use of my Retinol 0.5% 2... READ MORE

Scar being treated by chemical peel scabbed up, fell off making scar looking worse than before and now has crater mark (Photo)

I've been seeing a dermatologist regulary for 7 mths. I've been treated with a mild chemical peel monthly each month increasing percentage. I... READ MORE

Is it possible for a chemical peel to WORSEN wrinkles?

I am 25 years old and recently, while looking at my face under a magnifying mirror, I noticed that I had two very fine lines underneath my right eye.... READ MORE

Why don't I peel any more from chemical peels? The first 2 worked great! What's going on? My goal is to lighten my melasma.

I got a Jessner's Peel in Oct & Nov. My ENTIRE face peeled like CRAZY both times. I got the Vi peel in Dec. I peeled around mouth but that's it. I got... READ MORE

Can a chemical peel improve aging facial skin, even if the face has patches of vitiligo?

I am a white female, age 46, with vitiligo on my face and body. That doesn't bother me so much. What bothers me is my aging skin! I have tried botox... READ MORE

Hyperpigmenation after chemical peel. (photo)

I did a chemical peel at home. I know, bad idea. I'm desparate. I have a demanding work life and acne/rosacea is making my career take a hit. I did... READ MORE

Will chemical peels worsen telangectasia? (Photo)

Hi I have facial telangectasia. I wanted to do a chemical peel to rejuvenate my skin. Could a chemical peel worsen my telangectasia? I am worried. READ MORE

Does chemical peel help this? Or does chemical peel make it more worse? (photos)

Last year i used glyco 6 cream nd it cause this pigmentation on both sides of cheeks.. doctor said its not melasma nd also i have some acne marks and... READ MORE

Will a chemical peel worsen my post inflammatory hyperpigmentation? (photos)

I had a summer job for three years that required me to be in the sun for at least 8 hours a day. The first summer I experienced a little skin... READ MORE

Can Rexsol 10 Aha Peels for a Month 30 Mins Daily Cause More Face Wrinkles? (photo)

I initially used it to reduce sudden smile line on my left cheek but my face got worse and my smile and frown lines(bumps) became more obvious and my... READ MORE

I had a Vitalize peel (in office), and on day 5, the skin underneath looks worse than it did before. Should I be concerned?

As expected, I started peeling a little on day 2 and a lot on days 3 and 4. It's now day 5 and much of the peeling is done, however, my skin looks... READ MORE

Is there a way to lighten dark spots and chemical burn on vagina?

I used to wax and got ingrown hairs really badly, I stopped after a few months of it and to remove the scars I began using retin a. Now the whole top... READ MORE

Does chemical peel work on this? Does chemical peel make this pigmentation more worse? (photos)

I want to go for a peel.. i used glyco 6 cream bt it cause pigmentation on both sides as you can see this in my pictures.. doctor said its not melasma... READ MORE

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