Tightness + Chemical Peel

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My underam skin got a lot darker after a 25% chemical peel. Is it normal or will it always be like this? Will it go away?(Photo)

My skin started to peel on the second day after sweating a lot that morning. I could pull out the skin easily with no pain. Then I put on a fade cream... READ MORE

I picked my chemical peel. What do I do? (Photo)

I peeled my chemical peel off and now my skin is extremely red and tight. Does this mean that my skin is going to peel again, or is this scarring? READ MORE

What Should I Expect After a Glo Therapeutics Triplex Facial Peel?

On Thursday (today Sunday) I had a Glo Therapeutics Triplex peel, she applied two layers and I was not allowed to wash my face for at least 12 hours.... READ MORE

Does Skin Need to Actually Peel for Best Results from a Peel?

I had a light/lunch time peel at my Drs office last year. This was my third peel done at that office. My skin peeled after my first two peels and I... READ MORE

Why does my skin feels so sticky and tight after a pink peel?

My sweat was trapped in my skin because of this i manually peeled my skin,didnt hurt but im afraid of what might turn out. I noticed that some part of... READ MORE

Why does my face feel so tight and dry after a chemical peel?

I saw an aesthetician on Sunday afternoon and had a progressive chemical peel. My face is just now starting to peel, but it has been feeling tight and... READ MORE

Chemical Peel At-Home. Are These Normal Symptoms?

Hi i know you may be against this but ive recently purchased a BHA at home peel solution that 20percent concentration. what i want to know is that it... READ MORE

Care After chemical peeling

After superficial chemical peel my skin completely peeled within 2 day but after that my skin becomes tight and flakes are created. READ MORE

Is it normal to feel nothing during a salicylic acid peel?

I just did an at home salicylic acid peel, its a salicylic gel 35% and i felt nothing. Just a slight tightness on my forehead. I heard its normal to... READ MORE

Fine lines or inflammation? (Photo)

I had 3 very mild peels, a week apart and then definitely over exfoliated because my skin felt so awful. My skin feels dry, tight & quite sore,but... READ MORE

Obagi blue radiance peel - darker spots on forehead. (photo)

I had a chemical peel 5 days ago. My problem area is my forgead, I have a lot of sun spots and acne scars. Most of my face has peeeles but my forgead... READ MORE

I did a perfect derma peel friday and was done peeling by tuesday. Today is Wednesday & my skin is tight & dry! Any suggestion?

I did a perfect derma peel friday and was done peeling by tuesday, today is wednsday and my skin is tight and dry even when i puy lotion on..remind... READ MORE

Burned, dry and very tight skin after using Yellow Peeling oil

I used Yellow Peeling Oil for 4 days. Itchiness occurred then suddenly after 4 days of using it and 3 days of letting it peel, my knees became very... READ MORE

I had a chemical skin peel on Wednesday! Thursday skin was REALLY tight, today I had out today so I applied sun lotion before

Work around 6:30 am and was inside until 12:30pm! Then I spent about 25minutes outside I still had factor 30 on from the morning and had not touched... READ MORE

Should I be peeling? Vivier chemical peel

Got a peel on Saturday (today is monday) and I've noticed my skin feeling tight (a dry tight) but no flaking or peeling. I look tanned too. avoiding... READ MORE

Is it normal to have such a strong erythema a few days post superficial skin peel?

4 days ago I had Medica8 superficial 'lunchtime' peel. It's been a few days and my whole face is red and irritated, however, my cheeks look the worst.... READ MORE

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