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Mild Rosacea - Chemical Peel BEFORE or AFTER IPL Photofacial?

Female, 35 with mild to moderate Rosacea. I am already scheduled to have an IPL Photofacial and then 2 months after I am booked for a 4-layer chemical... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Chemical Peels?

My freckles on my cheeks are getting darker and I also have a verticle scar on my nose that is 22 yrs old. I've been using the Obagi Nu-Derm &... READ MORE

‚ÄčI'm 28 yrs old, I want to get rid of blackheads & have smaller pores on my nose, would chemical peels be a good option for me?

I bought it do it yourself Perfect Image Salicylic acid peel with tea tree oil and green tea... I am just concern whether I am doing more harm to my... READ MORE

Can Chemical Peels Remove Fine Nasolabial Wrinkles?

I have a very fine nasolabial wrinkle that's worse on one side than the other. They are worse near my nose than my mouth. Most sites say medium... READ MORE

Dark Nasolabial Lines After Alpha Beta Peel

I recently applied an Alpha Beta Peel (10% salicylic acid followed by a 40% glycolic acid) chemical peel product on my face. I was left with two dark... READ MORE

What kind of chemical peel would be best to treat my hyper pigmentation and scarring? (photos)

I have a medium skin tone and most of my scaring and discoloration is around my mouth upper lip and nose area READ MORE

Can a chemical peel get rid of this? (Photo)

I have little white bumps all over my nose, on the sides mostly, I put a picture from google that looks a little bit like what I have. I would like to... READ MORE

Which treatment is best suited for my skin issues, with little to no down time afterwards? Do they affect facial fillers?

I'm in my mid 20's and starting to notice dull skin, sun damaged (freckles) large pores and redness/broken capillaries around cheeks and nose area.... READ MORE

Hyperpigmenation after chemical peel. (photo)

I did a chemical peel at home. I know, bad idea. I'm desparate. I have a demanding work life and acne/rosacea is making my career take a hit. I did... READ MORE

What type of chemical peel would you recommend for me?

I am looking mostly to get rid of discoloration from sun damage (temples and cheeks) . I wouldn't say i have excessive sun damage. Probably pretty... READ MORE

Very large pores and blackheads on nose. Tried Retin A for years and no change. I'm disgusted and not any younger.

No photosbest bet ...chemical peel. Laser? I also have sensitive skin and redden quickly READ MORE

Is there any interference between the filler and using strong peeling cream?

Hellow thak you so much for helping us. The filler is voluma. The cream contains (isotretinoin, azelaic acid and 4% hydroquinone). Is there any non... READ MORE

Are there any chemical peels that don't affect or lighten freckles? ( I'm not looking to get rid of them)

I have fair skin, quite pale, with rosy cheeks and freckles scattered across my cheeks and nose, as well as on my forehead. Although I don't have... READ MORE

Could I possibly get a chemical peel if I have this?

I want to get a chemical peel but i have a birthmark on my nose thats a lighter color then my skin idk what to expect because of that feature READ MORE

I had a chemical peel and it went wrong and now I have brown marks on the corner on my nose and near my mouth. Any suggestion?

I need to get this brown marks to go away i think its pigmentation from a chemical peel that went wrong There must be a cream to make it fade away... READ MORE

After a lactic 80% chemical peel, I was left with dark patches around/above my nose & mouth from premature peeling (Photo)

Discoloration from chemical peel #2 lactic 80% around mouth & nose & above nose. I'm about to try for a 3rd try after reading specifically... READ MORE

Is hypopigmentation after chemical burn permanent? (Photo)

Hello.I had a chemical burn on the side of my nose 9 months ago where the top layer of my skin was removed.A part of the scar is always red but... READ MORE

What happens if i only go for one milk peel or mask peel or AHA peel ,is one chemical peel enough to get rid of spots?

I have light dark spots on my forehead and area around my nose .Am an 18 year old black girl , light brown in complexion . READ MORE

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