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How do I make my lips pink again? (photo)

Im an Indian and have wheatish-beige skin tone. My lips were not Dark naturally but frm 5-6 yrs now my lips are completely dark.As you can c in the... READ MORE

Glytone Enerpeel EL for Eyes & Lips?

Recommended treatment is 3-4 peels. Is it worthwhile for $500 - $900? READ MORE

Red/Purple Marks Above Lip After Face Peel: Is This a Chemical Burn?

I recently gave a chocolate peel containing salicylic, lactic, glycolic & kojic acid to a friend, she now has discoloration under her nose &... READ MORE

Corners of Lips Got Chemically Peeled Now Its Much Lighter from Rest of the Lips. What Can I Do? (photo)

I had superficial chemical peel on my face a week ago by a dermatologist. But during the procedure i got both corners of my lips peeled as well. And... READ MORE

Chemical Peel Causes Fever Blisters

I get fever blisters on my lips after Chemical Peel, and was warned I couldn't have any at the time of my Obagi Blue Peel. READ MORE

Is it possible and safe to lighten the color of my lips by using chemical peels?

The inside of my lower and top lip are pink, but the sides near the corner are a little bit dark. I want to have pinker lips. What is a safe way to... READ MORE

What kind of chemical peel would be best to treat my hyper pigmentation and scarring? (photos)

I have a medium skin tone and most of my scaring and discoloration is around my mouth upper lip and nose area READ MORE

Safe peel. Which is the best peel that I can use at home safely to get quick results?

Am having dark skin around my lips and neck and dark circles also.there are many blemishes back acne on my back which is the best peel that I can use... READ MORE

Is chemical peels safe to use on hyper-pigmentation around the lips caused by eczema?

I am a African American woman and I have eczema on my upper lip and it has caused hyper-pigmentation, to the point where it looks like a BLACK RING... READ MORE

On my second time doing chemical peel, left and right of lips froze then it peeled and now I think it's scars. (Photo)

So on my second time doing my chemical peel at home, I leave it on for about 5 min. I saw there was froze on the corner of my mouth. After few days,... READ MORE

Can a Chemical Peel Lighten Dark Lips?

My lips were dark purple now they are like a grayish color. i want a pink complexion on my lips can chemical peel help? READ MORE

How to Make Lips Pinker? Would Chemical Peels Work?

I have two toned lips, the top part is a dark brown and the bottom is more pink. I would like for the top part to match the bottom part. READ MORE

Can the color of lips eventually be lightened after a tattoo procedure? (photo)

Red and nude ink was used. My lips became nice and pink after 2 days but with in a week they'd changed back. I now think they're even darker. It's... READ MORE

Can you give me advice about chemical peeling?

Sir\ name is fayez, i have got dark lips and i want to remove the dark skin covered aroud my lips, is there any chemichal peeling for removing... READ MORE

Hetter Peel: Peelign everywhere except Lips

Had a hetter peel 4 days ago....I am peeling everywhere but where I had the most wrinkles....the "smoker" lines above my lips...this was supposed to... READ MORE

I have periortibal wrinkles. Is the Hetter Resurfacing Chemical peel a good treatment for this?

I would like to get rid of the lines below my lower lip. I came across an article on the Hetter Resurfacing Chemical peel. Are there any doctors in... READ MORE

Are there any doctor in the NJ, NY, PA area that is very good at doing strong peels?

I have been scared by a fractional laser on my chin and upper lip area. I have tried retin a and I would like to speak with an expert on strong... READ MORE

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