Darkening + Chemical Peel

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Will Chemical Peel Work for Dark Spots?

I'm 24 years old. My knees and underarm are kind of dark…really dark. My question is, will chemical peel treatment work for me? Thank you. READ MORE

Skin Darkening After Chemical Peel?

I have had two chem peel session at 2 weeks intervals, i noticed my skin looked fairer in initial but started turning dark when i started going... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Chemical Peels?

My freckles on my cheeks are getting darker and I also have a verticle scar on my nose that is 22 yrs old. I've been using the Obagi Nu-Derm &... READ MORE

Why did my birthmark become darker after two application of 50% lactic acid peel?

My birthmark (which previously was very hard to see when covered with makeup) becomes darker after two application of 50% lactic acid peel. The rest... READ MORE

What Happens If I Had a Glycolic Acid Peel of 25% Strength and Exposed my Skin to Sunlight?

I did not have prior knowledge and was not warned by the doctor unfortunately and I exposed my skin after the peel for a number of days without sun... READ MORE

Why is my skin darkening around the mouth after chemical peel? (photo)

It have been a week and my skin is slowly peeling but I noticed darken spots on my face and I want to know if they are permanent and how long should... READ MORE

Dry and Darker Skin After Chemical Peel. Have Had Two Sessions of Chemical Peel at an Interval of Two Weeks?

In both sessions, i noticed that my skin looked fairer in starting days after the peel, and it looks fair as long as i am in home But the day i go to... READ MORE

skin is more than dark to previous skin colour after chemical peel... what is the solution??? (photo)

Actualy i did deep chemical peel but my skin colour is dark. even when i went to out side then pimple is cming in my face nd more then dark..i used... READ MORE

Darker area around chin after chemical peel. Hyperpigmentation? Or will it peel? (photos)

I had a PCA Sensi peel done on Friday. My skin has been peeling quiet a bit on day 3 and 4 (today). I noticed a darker area around my chin and side of... READ MORE

even after applying many healing creams, it's becoming dark, kindly help me to make them normal , thanks in advance. (photo)

I underwent chemical peel with 30% glycol if acid 1 month back , from then I got burns on face , even after applying many healing creams, it's... READ MORE

I gave myself a 30 percent beta peel and left with red and peeling skin. Is this normal?

I gave myself a 30 percent beta peel and left it in for three minutes then rinsed with mild cleanser and water. The next day my skin is really... READ MORE

My armpits became reddish brown after my Chemical Peel. Will whitening cream help or will my underarms become darker?

As the days goes by, it became normal. The edges of my armpits still peeling tho. The seller said that it will go back to normal after I apply... READ MORE

LPS Peel for Freckles

After LPS freckles darkened and some rose to the surface, 2 days later they went down, spots still dark, will i peel? i under went LPS to fade my... READ MORE

Would a 15% Mandelic acid and Salicylic Acid help fade the discoloration from razor bumps? (photos)

It has already healed months ago because I stopped using a razor but the skin on my neck and skins are several tones darker than the rest of my... READ MORE

I did a Chemical Peel, now the area of peeled skin is darker & the skin is more sensitive after peeling. What can I do? (photo)

I have acne scars for the treatment of that scars my doc did 6 chemical peeling now my skin is more sensitive and the area of peeled skin is more dark READ MORE

After chemical peel, face looks darker compared to before

Hi; Am siva 26 yrs old...I did 2nd time chemical peel on 10th of June. ..initially 5 days my old skin peel it up and after couple of days later some... READ MORE

Skin related - my skin color is darker

6 month before i was under skin treatment, same time i got abort because istrone 500mg peel is not good for baby health hence i stop that peel also... READ MORE

What does it mean when hyperpigmentation on your knees darken as it gets colder? (Photo)

My knees have hyperpigmentation that darkens when I get cold. When they are warm they mostly match my skin color. When they are cold they get purplish... READ MORE

Skin dry, darkening, after chemical peeling (Collomack)? (photo)

After 4 Years of wearing flat court shoe..... I was told (and assumed) that I had corns on feet (picture 1). It was very dark and thick and no matter... READ MORE

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