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Chemical Peel for Spider Veins and Large Pores?

I am 45 and don't have much in the wrinkle department, thanks to genetics and hating to be in the sun. My biggest facial problems are large pores and... READ MORE

Does using coconut oil interfere with the peeling process of a chemical peel? (Photo)

52 year old female. Deep facial peel done at a spa. I'm not sure what kind of acid was used. My face started to peel lightly on the 2nd day. I had... READ MORE

Do Medium Depth Peels Need to Be Done More Than Once?

I am 48 years old, blonde and blue eyed. I had a medium peel with phenol under my eyes done 2 months ago. After looking like a monster for 7 days, I... READ MORE

I Am 50 and Fair Skinned, Could Chemical Peel Improve my Old Looking Hands?

I am 50 and fair skinned. Do you think a chemical peel could improve my old looking hands? I moiturize & exfoliate regularly.. READ MORE

I'm 46 and my Skin is Damaged from the Sun and Has Some Wrinkles/lines with some Scarring. Which Peel Would Work Best? (photo)

I have included pics and hope to receive some answers. I feel the botox makes me look abnormal, so I haven't gone back. I've read that the Obagi peel... READ MORE

Chemical peel before wedding 2 weeks away? Prestige peel. Should I get one?

If I am getting married on April 2nd, should I get a prestige peel on March 14? Will my skin be smooth by then for pictures etc. or should I wait... READ MORE

Can Anyone Recommend a Doctor in NY Who Performs Deep Chemical Peels, Particularly Phenol/Hetter?

Many doctors are using lasers instead but I read that w/chemical peel, results improve over time and have read reviews about lasers that either... READ MORE

Hetter Peel in June 2012 Didn't Work?

My forehead peeled heavily, but other areas only minimally. Areas on each side of my nose & the nasal labial folds that did not peel at all. The... READ MORE

What is the most cost effective way to remove red actinic keratosis from cheeks and improve overall skin quality? Chemical Peel?

I just turned 50 and my sun loving days without sunscreen are catching up to me. I had a couple of AK’s removed with nitrogen last summer and two b... READ MORE

Can Low Fluence 1640 Nm Q-switched Nd Yag Treat Pih Caused by Chemical Peel?

I am 49-yr old Asian woman with type III-IV skin. I have been using 4%HQ+0.05%RA and monthly microderm to treat brown spots on my face without... READ MORE

Is a modified deep chemical peel too radical a procedure for a 53 yr old with only slight/moderate wrinkling?

I am a Fitzpatrick II (fair skinned blonde w/ blue eyes) who detests her perioral lines and notes the high satisfaction rate specifically with this... READ MORE

Can a chemical peel improve aging facial skin, even if the face has patches of vitiligo?

I am a white female, age 46, with vitiligo on my face and body. That doesn't bother me so much. What bothers me is my aging skin! I have tried botox... READ MORE

Melasma, hypigmintation, milia. Chemical peels are not working. Advice? (photo)

I had small milia on my cheeks in 2009. I went to a N. P. in my dermatology office. Now 2 years later I first had dark grey spots on my face. Now dark... READ MORE

Is there a safe chemical peel (industrial strength---performed by a physician) for a patient with autoimmune diseases?

I am 54, but look 154! I have really prominent age spots on my face. I want to have a plastic surgeon do something to make them go away. Is there a... READ MORE

Can a hetters peel help me? (photos)

I'm 47, getting creepy skin on my cheeks when I smile and not sure whether botox working so good for my crows feet anymore (though OK still with... READ MORE

Chemical peels or CO2 laser for skin tone and tightening. Which is better?

I'm a 50 yr old white woman, and I'm wondering which procedure is best to even skin tone and to tighten skin, peel or laser. I have mild laxity and... READ MORE

How often to do chemical peels by strength: light, medium, deep? And what to do afterwards to keep results? (Photos)

I would like to know how often to do chemical peels for each strength. I am a 50 yr old white woman, with red hair and fair skin. I have some light... READ MORE

Is chemical peel advised for pigmentation?

I am 47 years old and under treatment for SLE since the last 5 years. My face has a lot of pigmentation and uneven skin color. My rheumatologist... READ MORE

Turning 49; what laser or chemical peels do you recommend for sensitive skin? (Photos)

Not ready for a facelift too drastic. What laser. or chemical peels do u recommend? I have been using light stim what r your thoughts on this ?many thanks READ MORE

51 year old had Skinmedica Peel with disappointing results (Photo)

Dermaplane on Tues.;went to my Med Spa's peel event on Wed; had 4 layers of Rejuvenize. I am 65 hrs post peel and I have had slight peeling around my... READ MORE

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