3 Days Post-op + Chemical Peel

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I had a 30% glycolic acid peel after dermaplaning. Skin looks awful, lots of scabbing. Should I exfoliate or wait? (photo)

My skin looks awful (this is day three) with lots of brown scabbing. The esthetician said to exfoliate but that seems counterintuitive. I am also... READ MORE

Face Red and Burning During Exercise (Couple of Days After Getting a Chemical Peel)?

I got a %70 chemical peel 3 days ago and today i started exercising and my face got all red and had this burning sensation, is this bad?? and when is... READ MORE

Had facial TCA chemical peel 3 days ago. Should I moisturize my peeling skin?


Is it safe to start trying actively to get pregnant after a peel?

I have done a VI peel 3 days ago, and in the week I did the VI peel, I begging trying actively to get pregnant. I know I am not pregnant yet, but I... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Be Very Red in the Areas That Peeled After a Chemical Peel? (photo)

I had a beta chemical peel 3 days ago. this was done at a spa and was not the same grade as one performed by a plastic surgeon. i was told I "frosted"... READ MORE

Is my red itchy face normal after chemical peel 72 hours later? (Photo)

My first chemical peel on Tuesday (30% glycolic peel) Im now worried as it is now 72+ hours later and my skin is still red and Quite itchy. I have... READ MORE

I did a 30% TCA Peel on Monday July 28th. My skin around my jawline and cheeks is dark brown. Is this normal?

It's now Wednesday and my skin around my jawline is dark brown and my cheeks as well is this normal? I leave for vacation on August 23rd will I look... READ MORE

What should I do? Please help! (Photo)

I went for treatment of acne and scars. A microdermabrasion and a mild lactic acid was done. I frosted immediately once the peel was placed ( within... READ MORE

I had a vitalize chemical peel on Wednesday and I am very swollen. Would a prescription medrol dose pack help?

Would a prescription medrol dose pack help? Would the steroid medication decrease results? READ MORE

Had a my first vitalize peel and noticed discoloration on my cheek after I washed my face on day 3. Is this normal? (Photo)

I also applied a thick layer of the prescribed moisterizer to aid the healing process. should I be concerned? READ MORE

What to do about a botched regime a peel and a kojic lightening peel?

I had a peel done with regime A 40% peel because i was having dark circles at the corners of my eyes, 3 days later, the area around one part of the... READ MORE

I did a 90% peel 3 days ago and I got a huge scab(?) on my cheek? Please help me. (photo)

It is really huge, its the size of a whole eye and im really depressed. i don't dare to look at other people these few days. ive done peelings for 8-9... READ MORE

I have many small red spots after a chemical peel. Will they go away? (Photo)

3 days ago I had my first ever chemical peel It was all going well my skin started peeling a lot I followed all advice given by the consultant and... READ MORE

Day 3 of my Chemical Peel, it looks like I've been burned. (photo)

I have red patches from doing a tca peel that looks like a horrible burn,i have not yet peeled, will my skin go back to normal and will these red... READ MORE

what is the cause of hyperpigmentation or jut normal?

I used a chemical peel lotion for 3 days straight. after 3 days my skin starts to peel off but after 2 days of peeling my skin turned dark and flaky.... READ MORE

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