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I'm 5ft, 100lbs Petite Girl. I Wanted Large Butt Implants? (photo)

When I Got out of Surgery my Butt Was So Round and Bubbly.then It Looked swollenaround my 14day postop I've noticed my left implant looked... READ MORE

Very uneven buttock implants (submuscle): What to do - Replace them with smaller +subfacial flater implants on top? (Photo)

Hi, I have very uneven buttock implants. Both of them are placed submuscle. 500cc. You can really see the implants ALOT! Even though they are placed... READ MORE

Want to Get an Implant in One Butt Cheek Which is Uneven Due to Surgery that Removed Cancer, Could this Look Natural?

I had cancer when i was 14 in my leg. the way the surgery was done left my butt cheeks VERY uneven. Best way to describe it is one side is a C and the... READ MORE

300cc round butt implants. What can be done? Over 3 months and one is smaller higher and other looks flat and sags. (photo)

They r just in the fascia. There was only one incision for both implants on my crack and now my crack is uneven... Crack is to right some . Thong... READ MORE

Which Butt implant shape best for me? (photo)

I'm looking to get implants by November and I wanted to know If I can go with either shape? I am also a bit uneven from a bbl I had a year ago. Could... READ MORE

My gluteal implants look uneven horrible and you can see them. (photos)

I had gluteal implants done 5 weeks ago they looks good the first two Weeks then got infected and so I had Jackson prats put in me for over a week now... READ MORE

Both cheeks don't feel the same 10 weeks after surgery

It has been 10 weeks after the surgery, my both buttocks still don't feel the same. The right one is more prominent and stiff, and the left one is... READ MORE

Swelling. Why is one side higher than the other? (Photo)

I had a belt lipotemy and butt implant and Lopo surgery ok 11/21. Still swollen and the implants look uneven. I had my drains taken out 7 days later.... READ MORE

Butt implants gone wrong due to not following up. Any suggestions?

I had surgery last March and it's been a year everything is healed but nothing looks good My Butt looks pointy and is uneven i want to ask my doctor... READ MORE

One butt cheek looks bigger than the other after implants. Should I worry?

I just had my surgery 2 weeks ago and one cheeck is a bigger than the other. I'm really worried. I been looking for after surgery pics and i dont see... READ MORE

Why do I have left butt implant fuller than the right? (Photo)

Why can I see the outline of one butt implant? It looks like I have a big dimple under my right butt cheek How can this be fix? Thanks READ MORE

I had a Butt Implants 10 years ago, how much would removal cost?

They don't look even, and it is too small.The left side is on the center, the left side is too high, and was placed on the side,  or better wait... READ MORE

Would buttock implants fix these issues? (photos)

Hi. My butt is pretty much flat, the sides dip in to the point where I can see the outline of my muscles, and my buttock creases are slightly uneven... READ MORE

Because my butt implant is higher than the other, the doctor did not put them in well. (Photo)

5 months ago I operated my buttocks. I got 410cc implants round but from the first day that I put the implants were very high, the doctor told me that... READ MORE

Butt Implants: one side is noticeably protruding quite a bit more than the other when I look at it from the side. Why is this?

Right from the very beginning, it felt a bit different from the other side, I mentioned to my surgeons assistant that when i would lay on that side,... READ MORE

My buttocks implant and one that is higher than the other the doctor wants to operate me again; what should I do?

My left implant is higher than the other the doctor told me that when I turn one year after the surgery, it will open, but it does not guarantee that... READ MORE

Can anything be done to fix my implants? (Photo)

I had my surgery 6/17 .. It looked good for 3 weeks & then this .... It was filled with fluid so they drained it but now it's healed & looks... READ MORE

Will butt cheeks look uneven when u have to replace only one side? (photo)

I had to remove the right side after getting it infected when sera was drained through the incision. I'm now one month post removal and know I have to... READ MORE

Buttock aug uneven sides ???? (photos)

I got 485cc round solid silicone buttock implant my right side looks perfect can't even tell there is anything in there but my left side is higher and... READ MORE

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