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I'm Having an Increase in Pain After Butt Implants?

My implants were placed about 2 1/2 weeks ago. The drains were removed about 4 days ago, and since, I have a lot more pain on my left side. The lower... READ MORE

Nerves Healing or Impatient? (Butt Implants 3 Wks Post-op)

I am having right side buttock and calf pain 3 wks post-op from butt implants 335 ccs. I am on Lyrica for a week to see if it will help. I was told... READ MORE

Butt implants are hard & swollen. What is wrong? (Photo)

I'm almost 3 weeks post op. I'm in so much pain. I can not sit & it's very hard to the touch. Today I went for a post op visit & fluid was drained,... READ MORE

Butt augmentation sagging 3 weeks post? My plastic surgeon said it was intramuscular? (Photo)

Today is my 3 weeks post. This morning I noticed my butt implants were A LOT smaller. They've also moved down to my middle/lower butt which doesn't... READ MORE

I am concerned with the visibility of my implant 3 weeks out of surgery? (Photo)

Is this likely to improve with time? I realize some dropping will occur ( very hopeful) but will decreased swelling make the already apparent implant... READ MORE

I squatted to quickly 2 1/2 wks. After buttock incision reopened, will I be ok? (photo)

Help! I squated by accident to quick 2 1/2 wks. After redoing incision from butt implants in between buttocks. Will I be ok? Could I have reopened it... READ MORE

Is the fluid color in the drain normal 19 days after butt implants surgery? (Photo)

I went to the Er and they did a cat scan on me, and blood. He said that was inflammation and possible infection.but not to worry and wait. put me in... READ MORE

Fluid around butt implants. How many times do I need to get it drained? (photo)

I got my booty implants sept 11, 2014. They were placed above the muscle. At my one week post op check up I had fluid drained & again at my two week... READ MORE

Butt implants, open wound after 3 weeks (Photo)

Hi I had my surgery done a 27 days ago in Miami I just realized I had a open wound a 3 days ago I called my dr and send him the pictures he give me... READ MORE

Sleeping position after butt implants? Should I try ice or massage?

I got butt implants(under muscle)11 weeks ago and I'm still experiencing a LOT of swelling.I went to urgent care last night and said my white blood... READ MORE

Butt cheek deflating after butt implant surgery. Any suggestions? (photos)

Its 3 weeks since Ive done the buttock implant surgery combined with BBL and since the 3rd of 4th day post surgery my right butt cheek started having... READ MORE

Butt augmentation revision HELP!! Intramuscular then subfacial. Now sagging! (photos)

1st surgery got intramuscular butt implants size 3. They were high and lower pole was empty. My doctor suggested I move them to subfacial postion to... READ MORE

Why is my butt shrinking? I didn't get fat transfers, I got implants. (Photo)

It has been 20 days since my butt implant surgery. I got the 500 ovals. I was so happy to wear jeggings and see my new tush. But now, the swelling is... READ MORE

Wound is closed; it's been 3 weeks since surgery. Then bam at the top of my incision pinkish clear leakage? (Photo)

What does this mean. The incision is healed no splitting. But leaking crazy but less everyday. I don't understand it was dry I washed myself with... READ MORE

Instramuscular butt implants; I noticed a small opening. Will this heal? (Photo)

I'm 3 weeks post opp about a week ago I noticed a small opening on my left incision. My plastic surgeon stitched it back up but the top Stitch Seems... READ MORE

How long before I can massage to make it softer? Or do you have any suggestions for me?

I had butt implant on 7/15/2015. It has been 20 days, when i touch, it is hard. READ MORE

Buttock implants with open wound. What's my best option? (Photo)

Dear Doctors I had buttock implants done in 25/05/2016, after three weeks the left side is opened. It still draining kind of old blood the left side... READ MORE

3 weeks post Butt Implants, my incision is draining - is this an infection of something bad? (photo)

My sx was 4/8/14 and I'm been draining for 5 days already every day is less.i went to the doctor wed and he told everything was normal I been taking... READ MORE

I'm three weeks post intramuscular butt implants (450cc semi solid round).

No other complications except I had numbness in fonts of my left thigh right after surgery. It is getting a bit better but is not back 100%.... READ MORE

Butt implant wound healing. (photo)

Hello I had butt implants intramuscular fat grafting & lipo 20 days ago my incision still open and not healed I'm panicking ! I'm doing daily dressing... READ MORE

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