I'm Having an Increase in Pain After Butt Implants?

My implants were placed about 2 1/2 weeks ago. The drains were removed about 4 days ago, and since, I have a lot more pain on my left side. The lower part of my left butt cheek and hip are in so much pain, and the implant is slightly lower than the one on the right. Is this because the implant is too low? Will the pain get better? I saw the surgeon, and he said there might be a small seroma, but my body appears to be absorbing the fluid.

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Pain After Buttock Implants

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Pain in general is not unusual 2 1/2 weeks after buttock implants.  In your case it could be the implant on that side has dropped into position quicker than the other side but in doing so it is causing a little irritation of the sciatic nerve.  Be sure to keep close follow up with your operating surgeon and if the pain worsens at any time or does not get gradually better over the next week or two, ask him/her again what is the reason and the plan moving forward.  Also contrary to other answers you may have received, buttock implant are a very safe and effective method of buttock augmentation when performed by a plastic surgeon specializing in this procedure.  Actually in my practice, well over 85% of the buttock implants remain intact after 5 years and running.  In fact nearly half of my patients are those with unsatisfactory results from fat transfer.  Glad to help... 

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I'm Having an Increase in Pain After Butt Implants?

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You should ask your surgeon as you have done and follow closely as he or she is ultimately responsible for your care after surgery.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Pain After Butt Implants

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I am not a fan of any butt implant except FAT.   Butt implants cause chronic pain in many and many implants  end up being removed.  Go for fat transfer which works well (the Brazilian Buttocks),  the Minot Buttocks etc etc.   Talk to your surgeon.  You may be lucky and all will work out.  I hope so.  My Best,  Dr C       PS:   Since my initial answer to this,  one surgeon contacted me and related his good experience with implants.  To be fair I must say there are a few  patients  and doctors happy with buttocks implants.  It does seem that no one in the Stanford University-Palo Alto-San Francisco Bay Area has focus or  significant interest in buttocks implants. They have a bad reputation here.   My Best Dr C

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