Buccal Fat Removal

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Buccal fat removal (aka cheek reduction) is the surgical removal of fat pads from the cheek. LEARN MORE ›

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Chubby Cheeks Begone!

I am planning on a bbl, breast augmentation And removal of the lower cheek fat pads. I'm petite 5'2 and weigh 145 lbs. it's mostly on my cheeks and stomach lol. I have seen many before and after pics of this procedure and the difference isn't as dramatic as I'd like it to be but I'm hoping I... READ MORE

Fat Graft & Buccal Fat Removal - Turkey

Hey Ladies :) waned to share my experience as i find all your experiences so helpful, your honest comments are more than welcome :) so yeah i am 33 and lost lots of olume from face i had no cheekbones! My undereyes was so hollow and i was feeling older than i am due to the eye bag, plus my face... READ MORE

30 Year Old to Be. Under Eye Fat Grafting and Buccal Fat Removed.

I've had a hereditary under eye hollows and contrasting chubby cheeks heavier to the bottom, making my facial lines facing out and down. Had everything done in office under the local anestesia. Ate chopped noodle soup first day, then small bites soft food for next couple of days. At first was... READ MORE

No More Contouring my Cheekbones - Newport Beach, CA

I've always wanted a chiseled look and thought cheekbone implants would be the route to take. I've gotten sick of contouring and highlighting every day and the Radiesse injections (which I love the results) every 6 months was starting to add up financially. After months of researching, I... READ MORE

SO HAPPY with my Buccal Fat Removal Results W/Dr. Mesa! - Livingston, NJ

I am thrilled with my buccal fat removal results and I haven't even seen the final results yet! After reading several fantastic reviews about Dr. Mesa, I decided to schedule my consultation. Dr. Mesa and his staff are extremely professional and answered my questions thoroughly. His New Jersey... READ MORE

29 Year Old Gets Buccal Fat Removal

I finally got the Buccal Fat Removal procedure done after wanting to do it for over 5 years! I used to be pretty big, and lost around 80 pounds. I always had a round face, and when I lost weight it slimmed down a little. It was still round though. Recently I started to research about the... READ MORE

35 Years Old . No Kids.

It's my 5 the day after buccal fat removal. I can notice some changes. But the lower part of my face bothers me. Not sure if it is swelling or it is a skin excess appeared after the removal. Hope it will go away. Overall, the surgery was a little painful. But, it was not painful too much. You... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Removal - Post Surgery - Beverly Hills, CA

I've always had chubby cheeks throughout my life. I'm 31 years old and thought maybe by now some of my facial fat would have disappeared. So I looked into this procedure. My main concern was the swelling/pain and the potential complications like sunken cheeks, an uneven face, or facial... READ MORE

25 Years Old,Buccal Fat Removal,Liposuction and Face Lifting and Nose Job

Since I remembered I had a puffy face and I always disliked the way my nose looked. I had a quite low self-esteem in relation to that I didn't feel attractive and I wanted to change the way my face and nose looked. I started to do my research approx. 1.5 year before I decided to go ahead with... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Removal - 1 Day After - London, GB

I had Buccal fat removal at 111 Harley street yesterday. I combined it with Laser assisted lipo on my jaw and double chin (which I have reviewed separately). I'll be honest in that this procedure was a little uncomfortable at times. But I expected that and Dr Yannis was generous with the local... READ MORE

23 yr old thinking about minor buccal fat removal

I'm 23, 5'6, and 120lbs. I have always hated what I now understand is my buccal fat around my mouth. Now, I have read many positive reviews; but have also read reviews stating the regret the patients carry with having this procedure done claiming it will make you look old- fast. I may have a... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Removal and Chin Lipo - Newport Beach, CA

I went to a consultation in late July with Dr Michael Elam in Newport Beach. Jody, one of the employees, was nothing but sweet and most definitely got me excited for this surgery! She answered all my questions in detail. I was told they typically needed a month and a half to book surgeries, but... READ MORE

Round 3 TT Scar Revision,Lipo,BBL, Buccal Fat Removal and Chin Lipo - Colombia

Going for round 3 with Doctor Daniel Correa to Medellin Colombia this will be my 2nd trip to colombia I cant wait!! I along with 2 other friends will be going have calculated everything to the T. Along with my consultant Eli from Global Medical Advance!!!! She is great at finding the best... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Removal, Cheek Implant, Chin Burring. Chicago, IL

I've had problems with my bloated face for years that no amount of diet and exercise could fix. I wanted something that could reduce the size of my lower jowls, and increase the definition around my chin. I sought the advice of a few plastic surgeons and eventually landed on this one. I don't... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Removal for Wide Cheeks - Toronto, ON

I think my photos speak for themselves. The difference is subtle but in my opinion the slight difference has drastically improved my face shape. The procedure itself was uncomfortable but mostly because I was a nervous wreck. Recovery was good - swelling lasted about 10 days. I was able to start... READ MORE

40 Years Old, Double Chin Lipo and Buccal Fat - Burbank, CA

I went in for a consultation for lipo to get rid of my double chin and improve my jaw line. Turns out I was a great candidate for that and Dr. Orloff also suggested buccal fat removal to sculpt my face even further. I'm so happy I did both procedures, couldn't be happier with the results! I had... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Removal with Dr.Ran Talisman - Tel Aviv, Israel

I have always had chubby cheeks, even after losing alot of weight my face hasn't changed. This has made me very self conscious over the years so I was looking for a procedure to change it. When I heard about buccal fat removal I knew I had to get it done, but I couldn't find a surgeon in my... READ MORE

Bye Bye Fatty Cheeks - Czech Republic, CZ

Hi guys, so here we go again. After my last year's successful Slimlipo procedure on my belly an dinner thighs, I have decided to get rid of buccal fat from my cheeks. This was my second esthetique procedure , and something which was bothering me so I have booked my flight and procedure with the... READ MORE

22, Buccal Fat Pad Removal to Complement my Chin Implant - Jakarta, Indonesia

Last night I did buccal pad removal out of the recommendation of my doctor. I was set on a chin implant but agreed to do the buccal as well as I thought my face needed some subtle slimming. The procedure went well and the only time I felt pain was when the anesthesia were being injected into my... READ MORE

My Fatty Face - Mexico

No matter how skinny I get, my face will always be chubby and round. I took a trip to Guadalajara (Mexico) and decided to go through with this procedure. The office was very professional and so was my doctor. In about 40 minutes I was out of the office with a new face :) . The first days I was... READ MORE

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