Buccal Fat Removal

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Buccal fat removal (aka cheek reduction) is the surgical removal of fat pads from the cheek. LEARN MORE ›

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Dear RealSelfs, I've had my buccal fat pad removed today morning. It took less than 1 hour, and it might be done even quicker, if I wasn't a special case (as usual). My surgeon started with my left side and couldn't find the fat pad anywhere in my middle cheek area, so he went little higher,... READ MORE

I am from Los Angeles , I was always self concious about my nose,I disliked how my nose was droopy. I decided to go with dr Gutierrez.Although it was a bit hard to trust a doctor in another country I have got to say this man has the skill and really puts in effort and love in to what he does. I... READ MORE

I am really scare for the procedure. But I just hate when people tell me I have big cheeks, It makes me mad lol but still I'm really scare !! Do you think I should do it ? Do you think is what I need ? I honestly don't know what to do I already talk to my Doctor he tells me everything will be... READ MORE

Hey RS Sisters! Sooo this is my 3rd review! For all the great hemoglobin, surgical, recovery home, and post-op details I left in my 2nd review be sure to click my username and then select my 2nd review that says "Almonte or Goico" :) As I said in a prior review, my plastic surgery life is... READ MORE

Today was my Buccal fat removal. Yesterday i was dubious and several questions and fears jumped to my head, "is correct what I'm doing?" Then I looked in the mirror and remembered that it's something that I've wanted to do for some time, also check with several doctors and most agreed that... READ MORE

I've done my research and although I have heard a lot of bad reviews I have also heard so many good reviews about buccal fat pad removal. I am 22 soon to be 23 and my cheeks seem to be getting bigger and I'm 110 lbs so weight is not the issue. Also my family is full of baby face chubby cheeks... READ MORE

I was not going to leave this review because I do understand that people make mistakes but he is not even willing to help me fix the damage that he has done. I strongly believe in communicating to make things right and he has refused treatment 3 times .... I had surgery on April 6th for buccal... READ MORE

I have to admit that for someone who researched their rhinoplasty surgeon so carefully I really dropped the ball on my other procedures. I had never been happy with the shape of my cheeks as they looked somewhat hamster like, especially on one side. I have had consultations for a facelift but... READ MORE

Hey my name is Jon I'm 22 years old. Ill always had the chubby cheek look my entire life. I use to be 300lbs and I lost a lot of weight via juice fasting (not the best way) I am wondering if buccal fat removal with reduce my chubby cheeks and also improve my jawline? Also I'm quite confused of... READ MORE

I had buccal fat with disturbs me and this was not ok with my thin complexion. I just wanted a more stylized factions. Everything went perfectly, no pain, like go to the dentist. Doctor Ruiz-Lluch and his staff are very professional and friendly. I could see the result in two weeks. The result... READ MORE

I have a full round face and I have always have since a child. I don't have high cheek bones and actually I have jowls. My face doesn't have much have structure and i just look boring. I still kinda look childish. I want to look grown. Even if I lose weight my cheeks will still be big. Cheeks... READ MORE

First and foremost English is not my first language so if my writing will have a Russian accent that because I have one )) So... I hated my fat cheeks since I was 14 or sometime near that age. But people kept telling me that the fat will melt away when reach the age of 20. Well I'm 25 now (just... READ MORE

Procedures: Minor Buccal Fat Excision, Pre-Jowl, and Neck Contouring Cost: $8,600 (all fees included) Location: Newport Beach, CA Doctor: Dr. Sajjadian Background: I am a 28 y.o. female who has been struggling with chipmunk cheeks for as long as I could remember. I've never been incredibly... READ MORE

Hi Real Selfers, ok so this is going to be a lengthy review for my revision and buccal fat removal done in the Dominican Republic, hopefully i am thorough enough to help anyone seeking a Doctor and/or other info. Ok so I am an An African American patient with a very thick nose. I had a previous... READ MORE

So I finally DID it, yesterday was the BIG DAY!!! Buccal fat pads are out! I've had chubby cheeks my entire life, and I've always wanted to get rid of them. Im 5'3" and 120lbs at my heaviest, so weight was not the issue, is more of a family gene on my dad's side. So, this was my experience so... READ MORE

Like a lot of people i look for more contouring and beautiful face but i always have those question runnin in to my head do i need or not. to do or not to do so i finally decide to stop asking and start doing i am 25 years old and my face look tired so i want to do something about it and i... READ MORE

I had been bothered by my round, meaty face for a really long time. I always just smiled a little bit when I took pictures cuz I knew smiling made my face look even bigger in pictures. I started to hate taking pictures but it was not the solution. I finally decided to make a change and to take... READ MORE

I was horrified with pictures. HATED Them. I was a victim by friends n family members posting pictures of me on social media. People had no shame. Anything Worst than being tagged without your consent??!! I Did not want to mess with my face just yet. I was only 30 years old. I had to deal with... READ MORE

I´m 21 years old, all my childhood and teens I have been chubby cheeks, now I decided to do this procedure which it has been in my mind since two years ago , I have lost weight but my face looks the same I think so , I want to do it because I really wanna see my pics and say "I LIKE HOW MY... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I thought I'd post my experience with buccal fat removal to get more info out there for others considering it! :) I'm a 26 yo female with a small figure but have annoying chipmunk cheeks! I've avoided 'over' smiling in photos my whole life because of the awful chubbiness my cheeks... READ MORE

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