Asymmetry + Buccal Fat Removal

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Revision for Asymmetry After Buccal Fat Removal?

I had buccal fat removal a year ago. Unfortunately, my cheeks are now asymmetrical. One side is thinner than the other. Will subsequent aging even it... READ MORE

​I hate my face shape and hate smiling because of it. What procedures would correct my asymmetrical, sagging cheeks? (photos)

I hate my face shape so much to the point where I won't let people take photos of me on a night out etc.. Seriously considering surgery as I've... READ MORE

I have lump and bruising on my left cheek after buccal fat removal. Any suggestions?

I am very concerned about the results of my buccal fat removal. Two weeks ago I had them removed along with Rhinoplasty. Immediately after surgery the... READ MORE

I'm interested in buccal fat pad removal but want to know if it'll cause sagging skin

I have a rectangular face bc of the fat. My father has the same chipmunk cheeks. Sometimes my face just looks long and I worry about sagging skin.... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Removal, is This the Best Option for Facial Symmetry?

I have a full cheeks that are hereditary from the paternal side. With age the cheeks do not change. It seems like they only get larger with weight... READ MORE

What can I do about my chubby cheeks and face? (photos)

I'm a 22 yr old female who's always had chubby cheeks. When I smile I feel like my cheeks take over my whole face. From the picture, you can see that... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for buccal fat pads removal? I'm 27 yrs old, slim body 100lbs, but chubby cheeks and round face (Photo)

My face is very unsymmetrical- left jaw and cheek is bigger and more square. My cheeks are too high and fatten; and when not smiling, my lower cheeks... READ MORE

My face is asymmetrical. Do I need buccal fat removal to give symmetry to my face? Any alternative? (Photo)

I see that my face is asymmetric. The right part under the cheek is too big compared to left one and i would like to make it smaller. What can i do to... READ MORE

Buccal fat removal to correct jawline assymetry regardless of whether it's bone or soft tissue? (affordability factor) (Photos)

My left cheek is wider/fattier than my right. You can tell by the jawline that the fat pad on the left is bigger, especially when I smile. I hate... READ MORE

How is buccal fat removal done? Also, I have a receding chin. One surgeon seems to suggest sliding genioplasty for me but..

1. Are the buccal fat pads a standard size i.e. a dr can only take so much or can a dr overdo it/make your face too thin? 2. I am currently using... READ MORE

Is there any type of scanning that can reveal exact location of fat deposits on face?

I've had 4 liposuction procedures in my face and a buccal fat pad extraction. I still have this weird round shape in one side of my face. If not... READ MORE

Can I dictate how much buccal fat is removed?

A respected Dr gave me a quote for buccal fat reduction. I don't have the 'chimpmunk cheeks' others describe and I wasn't teased for having a fat face... READ MORE

Can facial asymmetry be corrected after buccal fat pad removal? (photos)

In 12/13/2015 I went to Brazil for a rhinoplasty and chin implant, once I got there the doctor convinced me to have some of the fat on my left cheek... READ MORE

How to fix asymmetry after buccal fat pad removal? (Photo)

I had my two buccal fat pads removed but my face is very asymmetric now. The right side of my face is slimmer and I have the hollow cheeks as I... READ MORE

Infection after mandible ?

Hi, i had a mandible augmentation and buccal fat removal done in the same time and i had infection dont know the reason then i got the implants... READ MORE

Why is my face fatter on one side and how can I get rid of the extra fat? (photos)

I want to know how to even my face out, I've seen X-rays of my skull and it is even, but when it comes to My face there is one side fatter than the... READ MORE

Asymmetric face. Buccal fat removal or filler for my cheek? (Photo)

I'm 23 years old. I love my left side & hate my right side- the cheek is chubbier, less defined & my dorsal hump is more prominent. When I look head... READ MORE

Desperately need help in reversing buccal fat removal. Can this be corrected? (Photo)

The results of my buccal fat removal is not one which i had anticipate. One side of my cheek is deeply sunken in with a bulge at the side&the other is... READ MORE

Does buccal fat removal affect your cheeks when you smile?

My cheeks get very wide and puffy when i smile, and I want o know if buccal fat removal can fix this problem. Also, my cheeks and smile are... READ MORE

Confused between buccal fat removal, liposuction, & jaw reduction surgery and the price. Any ideas? (photos)

Female 5.1' 46 kg but because of my round face and bulky cheeks I look very fat and also whatever I eat shows first on my cheeks and it is... READ MORE

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