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How Painful is an Endoscopic Brow Lift?

What is the pain associated with an endoscopic brow lift? I had a full face lift 7 months ago and I really wish I would have gotten the brow lift as... READ MORE

Post Brow Lift Itching and Pain. What Can I Do?

Had a brow llift 8 weeks ago with endotine implants. Have constant itching in forehead and scalp. Also, shooting pains in scalp mainly from incision... READ MORE

I Am Interested in Brow Lift and my Question is How Painfull Is, How Long Recovery Last and Price. I Am 40 Years Old?

As I said I am 40 years old but always had bags under my eyes and now brows droping so make it even worst. I live in Dubai, where is your surgery?... READ MORE

Pain During Cosmetic Eye Surgery Despite Sedation?

Is there a chance you feel pain with I.V. sedation in eye cosmetic surgery? I'm considering a Brow lift and lower Blepharoplasty, but I'm worried... READ MORE

The Endotine Brow Lift, Will Tacks Protrude from Scalp Causing Severe Pain and Infection? (photo)

I have small tacks protruding from scalp with large lumps surrounding it. I have redness, hair loss, severe pain./with little rest. I am tortured... READ MORE

Is an Eye Lift Surgery Safe? And What Are the Costs? (photo)

I have droopy eyes and was wondering what does the procedure include, is it safe, what are the costs and is it painful? READ MORE

Pins and Needles Sensation Six Months After Brow Lift, Is This Normal?

Hello, about six months after an endoscopic eyebrow lift I started to feel a slight pins and needle sensation on the left side area under the scalp... READ MORE

Straight Across Eyebrows and Unresolving Pressure and Edema 5 Days Post Brow Lift?

I had a combined technique browlift (two incisions slightly behind hairline each about 2 in long) And blespho. put in two 'hang stitches'. suspected... READ MORE

Can this pain be nerve pain? Throbbing/tight/strange sensation to right side of head and temple area after brow lift.

5 wks post brow lift. I initially had a swollen knot on forehead that has improved. Daily I have a constant tight feeling to right side of head with a... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for Intense Pain, Lesions, Things Moving in Head After Brow Lift 10 Years Ago, Yes 10 Years? (photo)

I had a brow lift 10 yrs ago. My troubles began, intense itching, lesions, pain, redness. Now foreign object are breaking loose falling into face and... READ MORE

I had a browpexy and I wonder how long it takes for the bump to go away under my skin? (photos)

Is it normal to feel and see the prong that was inserted into my forehead to raise my eyebrow. It hurts a lot when I press in it. It seems like there... READ MORE

Could the incision not healing properly have caused eyebrows to fall after browlift? (photos)

I had a browlift with absorbable sutures 2 months ago. My brows aren't as arched and it seems they continue to fall. I only had 2 incisions. After... READ MORE

11 weeks post-op brow lift and eye lid surgery, pain and lump above one eye, should we go to surgeon this week?

My dad had a brow lift and eye lid surgery about 11 weeks ago. He is 75. He is complaining about a lump above his left eyebrow, a lot of soreness upon... READ MORE

I'm 6 months post op endo browlift, and suffering dry eye, tightness, pulling of forehead & scalp. Is this normal?

Posting after my brow-lift when my eyes wouldn't close/ tightness/pulling, all advised wait 6 months. Eyes close almost normal again, but if wrinkle... READ MORE

Is it possible my body is rejecting the endotine fasteners used during my Browlift?

Had brow lift with endotine exactly 3 months ago. I have severe pain as if I am being shocked when I touch the nobs where they were placed, pain when... READ MORE

Why do I have such severe pain behind left endotine a month after brow lift?

This week I have literally screamed out in pain if I lay down on my left side, bend over to pick something up or just move certain ways. It is... READ MORE

Is it normal to have such pain 6 months after a brow lift?

The incision healed, but I still have pain all across my head. It feels like I'm being burned & like my skin is being pinched hard. There's a prickly... READ MORE

I have painful swollen muscles and nerves above/between/under brows over 2 years after endoscopic brow lift. Involuntary spasms?

Hi I'm having the following symptoms 2 years after endo brow lift: -painful swollen muscles and nerves above/between/under brows that are pushing the... READ MORE

"Sinus" pain/pressure after brow lift. Do I have an infection?

I am three weeks post-brow lift and lower eyelid surgery. For the past two weeks I've had what appeared to be sinus pressure and pain, mostly on the... READ MORE

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