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Intense Itching and Lumps on Scalp After Brow Lift

I had a Brow lift three years ago and they inserted the endotine fixation post. I have had considerable misery since with frontal scalp intense... READ MORE

Worried by Sutures Coming Out, Lump, Indent After Brow Lift

Is it normal for a suture and post to come out 18 days post op? Lump above left eyebrow? Is it normal to have a large indent on the top of my head? Is... READ MORE

11 weeks post-op brow lift and eye lid surgery, pain and lump above one eye, should we go to surgeon this week?

My dad had a brow lift and eye lid surgery about 11 weeks ago. He is 75. He is complaining about a lump above his left eyebrow, a lot of soreness upon... READ MORE

Painful lump on lateral eyebrow after a brow lift through a blepharoplasty incision. What can I do? (Photo)

I had a bilateral upper blepharoplasty and brow lift (i think a browpexy from what I have read) about two months ago. When I woke up after surgery the... READ MORE

Hard lump under brow after endoscopic brow lift. What could this be? Doesn't feel like hematoma. (photo)

Will these hard lumps go away in time? Have you ever seen this before? What is it? READ MORE

I have a lump at the beginning of my brow. The doctor believes it's a tight muscle, but did not solution. What should I do?

It's been almost 2 years since I had a brow lift and I still often have a swollen forehead. I also have numbness on the right side of forehead... READ MORE

How long does it take for a Brow Lift to heal completely? I had mine done in Dec. area above brows is lump of muscle. (photos)

I had a brow lift at the hairline in Dec. I'm happy with brow the position. I have an issue with my forehead. Before surgery, if I lifted my brows I'd... READ MORE

Strange dents, puffiness & lumps appeared 5 months after a Trichophytic Brow Lift. What can be done? (Photo)

7 months post op & 5 months after brow lift, forehead is dented, wrinkly, puffy in the middle like there is a glob of tissue underneath even... READ MORE

Bleeding and yellow lumps six weeks after lateral brow lift? (Photo)

My scar after lateral brow lift has started to bleed and also has some yellow fluid six weeks post op. Is this normal? READ MORE

Can excess tissue above my right eye be removed to lift the brow? (Photos)

I have more skin above my right eye and it causes my right eyebrow to droop more than the left. It causes pressure on my right eye and amplifies my... READ MORE

What are these lumps under my eyebrows? (Photo)

I had a endoscopic brow lift July 5th. I have lumps under Both my brows. What could this be. My corrugator muscles were cut out. Could this cause scar... READ MORE

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