Intense Itching and Lumps on Scalp After Brow Lift

I had a Brow lift three years ago and they inserted the endotine fixation post. I have had considerable misery since with frontal scalp intense ithching, lumps that come and go on my scalp, and itching on my forehead with raised bumps at times. Have you had any of these compaints?

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Endotine implants can cause inflammatory side effects

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Sorry to hear of your Endotine troubles. My group is publishing a series of cases of chronic inflammation after brow fixation with Endotine implants. The implants are composed of a polymer that breaks down over time in the body. This process of absorption requires the body to initiate an inflammatory reaction to release the chemical agents that break down the polymer. In most people, this inflammatory reaction is well-controlled and is generally unnoticeable by the patient. However, in rare cases, the immune system can produce a more aggressive inflammatory reaction resulting the constellation of symptoms that you have noticed: swelling, itching, pain, redness, etc.

There are several possible treatment options for your problem, ranging from injections of anti-inflammatory medication to surgical reexploration and removal of the implant. This is definitely something that you should bring to the attention of your surgeon who will be able to examine you and help you on the right course.

Best wishes to you!

Austin Oculoplastic Surgeon

Endotine Can Cause Discomfort

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For a brief period of time I used endotines as a method of securing my brow lifts.  Many of my patients found them to be very uncomfortable and some had symptoms of pinched nerves above the endotine.  On several patients I removed the endotines and the symptoms immediately resolved.  While the endotine is expected to dissolve in 6 months, I found that his was not always the case.  If after a physical exam, your surgeon thinks that the endotine may still be present, I suggest you consider having it removed.

Louis W. Apostolakis, MD
Austin Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Endotine fixation posts should have dissolved

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At this time the Endotine fixation posts should have dissolved. Itching and lumps that come and go on the scalp could be related to stitch abscesses, the nerves re-growing, or any other sutures that were left underneath the scalp. We have not seen any of these issues other than occasional stitch abscesses in our practice.

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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