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15 Days Post Op from Cornal Brow Lift-Now Have Asymmetrical Brows. Is This The Final Result? (photo)

For most of the last 15 days I've been healing from a cornal brow lift (only procedure)I've only noticed a small change in symmentry of my... READ MORE

Will my eyes stay like this after brow lift 9 days ago through my top lids :( (photos)

Hi it's been 9 days today iv had a endotine brow lift as I only wanted some skin taken away the surgeon said I need a lift as my brows had dropped. Iv... READ MORE

I recently had a browlift ( 2 weeks ago). Browlift numbness?

They said there may be numbness after in my head...I have been feeling great but the last few days getting the numbness. What I am wondering is, is it... READ MORE

Brow Lift Accident?

Hi there ! I am writing because I had a coronal brow lift 2 weeks ago. I had one of those metal things that hang in the shower fall in the back of my... READ MORE

Will my forehead relax and brows settle after temporal brow lift?

I had a temporal brow lift 13 days ago and I am so disappointed. My eyes look unnatural and my skin looks stretched. Do I have any hope? I have ridges... READ MORE

How can you tell when and if an Endotine has broke through the skin and if so, what needs to be done?

I had a brow lift performed 2 weeks ago out of state by a very qualified great surgeon; I cannot go in to see him because of the distance. The... READ MORE

I got an upper blepharoplasty and browpexy. How can this be fixed?

I got an upper blepharoplasty and on only one eye a browpexy(I did not think I needed this but was talked in to it) now it was on only one eye and the... READ MORE

I had a brow lift, lower transconjuctival blepharplasty, laser, fat transfer 18 days ago, is this swelling normal? (photos)

Is this normal. Should I be concerned? Anything to take down the swelling. Using Arnica cream The swelling is mostly edema and looks superficial. It... READ MORE

Will my eyebrows ever be symmetrical? (photos)

Two weeks ago I had an upper bletho, brow lift on left brow only, chemical peel under eyes and fat injections to my brows and cheeks. I'm happy with... READ MORE

I had a left lateral Brow Lift 2 weeks ago and see no difference. Am I crazy?! (photos)

(Asymmetry from 10yr old coronal brow lift.) Left lateral brow lift 2 wks ago to make it more in line with my right. I see no difference in these... READ MORE

This is a follow up to my first question. My incision runs along my hairline (zig zag) and then behind my hairline down the side

Of my head almost to my ears. I lost my side burns which is devastating, but more importantly my eyes look so different. I'm so pulled, I look... READ MORE

Can anything be done about furrow between brow that was non responsive to open brow lift? (Photo)

I have hairline open brow lift with fat transfer two weeks ago. It was specifically to address deep furrow between brow which has been non responsive... READ MORE

Asymmetry with raising my eyebrows after endoscopic Brow Lift 13 days ago. Will this change?

I just had a endoscopic brow lift 13 days ago which was combined with a neck lift. I have noticed that my left eyebrow is not lifting as high as my... READ MORE

Follow-up: Let me ask again. I had eyebrow surgery. I don't know which kind. He did not discuss.

I am 2 weeks now. And I still have many wrinkles that were suppose to be softened. Dr stated they will go away. My question is. How long does it take... READ MORE

When did you notice your eyebrow droop start to get better and when did it become back normal again?

Can you pls tell me how long it took until you saw your eyebrow droop improve and when it was finally back to its normal shape? I had my eyebrow arch... READ MORE

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