Asymmetry with raising my eyebrows after endoscopic Brow Lift 13 days ago. Will this change?

I just had a endoscopic brow lift 13 days ago which was combined with a neck lift. I have noticed that my left eyebrow is not lifting as high as my right side and am worried that this may become permanent. Since it is still very recent, can I expect that I will continue to see better brow elevation in the weeks to come? I have no issues with loss of sensation to this area or pain. Thank you for any clarification that you can give me.

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Brow Lift

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Thank you for your question. Yes, you can expect to see improvement in the weeks and months to come. Please discuss your recovery expectations and process with your board certified facial plastic surgeon. It is much too early to look in the mirror and judge your results as final. Instead, focus on following the post op recovery guidelines as closely as possible.

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Post endobrow

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It is not uncommon to have some asymmetry after the surgery.  The nerve that stimulates the forehead muscles runs in the area where we do the lift.  If there is significant inflammation around the nerve or if it was traumatized during the surgery, the forehead muscles on that side may not work well.  They should return anywhere from one week to 6 months post-op.  If there is a marked visible asymmetry you can do some Botox on the good side to make them appear more even until the muscle function returns.   

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