Breast Reduction Videos

What Does Breast Reduction Surgery Look Like? (GRAPHIC)

Dr. York Jay Yates walks us through a typical breast reduction surgery. VIEW NOW


Do I Need a Breast Lift or Breast Reduction?

Dr. Juan Brou explains that the planning for both a breast lift and breast reduction are about the same, and he explains how. VIEW NOW


How Breast Reduction Can Help Alleviate Pains of Heavy Breasts

Dr. Urmen Desai explains the effects of heavy breasts on the body and how a breast reduction procedure can help, live from Los Angeles at PSTM 2016. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Answers: Do I Get a Lift with My Breast Reduction?

Dr. Andrew Cohen joins us from PSTM 2016 to explain whether or not there will be a lift in a breast reduction procedure. VIEW NOW

See the Procedure: Breast Reduction Surgery (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Trey Aquadro shows a typical breast reduction surgery procedure. Breast reduction surgery is often performed to relieve symptoms related to large breasts such as neck, shoulder, back pain and recurrent rashes. VIEW NOW


All About Breast Lifts — See This Demonstration

Dr. Marc Schneider explains breast ptosis (sagging) and the surgical approach for correcting and lifting the breast. VIEW NOW

A Doctor Explains Pico Dressing After a Bilateral Breast Reduction

Dr. Kevin Tehrani explains how Pico dressing can benefit people who have had a bilateral breast reduction procedure. Watch as he applies the dressing using the Wise Pattern. VIEW NOW

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See What Breast Reduction Surgery Looks Like [GRAPHIC]

Watch Dr. Moises Salama in the operating room as he performs a breast reduction procedure. VIEW NOW

Breast Reduction: See Morphed Images Before & After

View the results of a breast reduction surgery performed by Dr. Steven Merten using a short-scar technique. VIEW NOW

Learn More About the Release Your Inner Beauty Campaign

Dr. Richard J. Brown created a movement to help people who have had plastic surgery become more in touch with their inner beauty, regardless of whether it was a reconstructive or cosmetic procedure. Listen to their stories. VIEW NOW

Breast Reduction: An Overview

Dr. Lawrence Scott Ennis explains common issues that cause women to seek a breast reduction, and how women can benefit from surgery. Dr. Ennis also describes the option of adding implants after reduction to achieve your desired look. VIEW NOW

Is it Safe to Perform Multiple Cosmetic Surgeries all at Once?

Dr. Thomas Fiala discusses whether or not a simultaneous combination of procedures can be safely performed, explaining that the amount of time that someone will be under anesthesia factors in heavily in determining the safety of surgery. VIEW NOW

The Differences Between a Breast Reduction and a Breast Lift

Dr. Thomas Fiala discusses how these two surgeries differ, both with the procedure itself and with outcomes. VIEW NOW

Am I a Candidate for Breast Reduction?

Dr. Thomas Fiala lists some of the common issues that women face with overly large breasts and ways that they benefit from surgery. VIEW NOW

Breast Reduction Surgery: What You Need to Know

Dr. Jeffrey Antimarino speaks with a prospective candidate, explaining common problems women experience with very large breasts, information about insurance coverage and what to expect with the reduction procedure. VIEW NOW