Breast Reduction Videos

What Does Breast Reduction Surgery Look Like? (GRAPHIC)

Dr. York Jay Yates walks us through a typical breast reduction surgery. VIEW NOW

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Do I Need a Breast Lift or Breast Reduction?

Dr. Juan Brou explains that the planning for both a breast lift and breast reduction are about the same, and he explains how. VIEW NOW


Breast Lift With Auto-Augmentation: The Doctor Uses Your Own Tissue Instead of Implants (GRAPHIC)

Dr Farhad Rafizadeh presents a breast lift or mastopexy using this woman's own breast tissue to augment the upper pole avoiding the use of an implant. He shares the essential parts of the procedure with immediate results and long-term follow-up. VIEW NOW

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Breast Reduction Scars: How the Doctor Makes the Shortest Scars Possible

Dr. Grant Stevens explains his technique to reduce and lift breasts during reduction surgery. VIEW NOW

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Breast Reduction: Find Out What Cup Size Women Request Most

Dr. Grant Stevens talks about breast reduction surgery and how he helps women choose their new breast size. VIEW NOW


The Difference Between a Breast Reduction and Breast Lift

Dr. Stacey Folk explains the similarities and differences between a breast reduction and a breast lift or mastopexy procedure. VIEW NOW

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Learn About the Doctor's Laser Bra Technique — For Breast Reductions and Breast Lifts

Dr. Grant Stevens explains the Laser Bra, which uses your own tissue to act as an internal bra, live from Vegas at ASAPS 2016. VIEW NOW

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How to Avoid a Vertical Scar — The Doctor Shares His Breast Lift Technique

Live from Vegas at ASAPS 2016, Dr. Gary M. Horndeski answers questions about breast lifts and breast reductions. VIEW NOW


Watch 3 Minutes of This Woman's Breast Reduction (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Tom J. Pousti invites us into his OR while he performs and explains a breast reduction. VIEW NOW


See This Woman's Breast Reduction Markings and Measurements Prior to Surgery

Dr. Tom J. Pousti draws this woman's breast reduction markings and measurements in preperation for her surgery. VIEW NOW


Hear 37-Year-Old Marlene's Story, 6 Weeks After Her Breast Reduction

Dr. Jeremy White performed a breast reduction on Marlene who suffered from back pain caused by her large breasts. What's she feel like after her surgery? VIEW NOW

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Great Breasts After 50 — The Doctor Explains Your Options

Dr. Carlin Vickery speaks about the issues facing women over fifty. Topics include: breast reduction, mommy makeover and tummy tucks. VIEW NOW

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Options for Restoring Your Breasts After Childbirth

Dr. Patricia A. McGuire discusses the options for women to restore their breasts after child birth and breast feeding. VIEW NOW

Breast Reduction: The Doctor Answers Your Common Questions

Dr. Rodger Shortt explains this procedure to reduce the glandular tissue, fat and excess skin from the breasts. VIEW NOW

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After Chronic Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain This Woman Had a Breast Reduction — See Her Results

Dr. Carlin Vickery presents this case study of a 40-year-old woman's breast reduction. The patient was unable to exercise due to pain caused by her DDD breasts. Learn about her procedure and see her before and after photos. VIEW NOW