Breast Reduction Videos

What Does Breast Reduction Surgery Look Like? (GRAPHIC)

Dr. York Jay Yates walks us through a typical breast reduction surgery. VIEW NOW


Do I Need a Breast Lift or Breast Reduction?

Dr. Juan Brou explains that the planning for both a breast lift and breast reduction are about the same, and he explains how. VIEW NOW


Breast Reduction: How Much Tissue can be Removed?

Dr. Steven Wallach discusses the importance of a consultation to determine how much tissue can be removed from the breast with a breast reduction procedure. VIEW NOW

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Breast Reduction Types and Possible Scars

Dr. Marc Pacifico covers a few different breast reduction techniques and how to determine the right technique to suit your needs. VIEW NOW

Reducing Areola Size as Part of a Breast Lift or Reduction

Dr. Marc Pacifico discusses how to reduce the size of the areola as an isolated procedure, or as part of a breast lift or breast reduction. VIEW NOW

Gynecomastia: How to Treat Male Breast Development

Gynaecomastia, or male breast development, presents in a wide variety of ways. Hence, there are many surgical options to consider, depending on your situation. Dr. Marc Pacifico gives a broad overview of the available treatment options. VIEW NOW

Breast Reduction: Will Insurance Cover the Procedure?

Dr. Thomas Pane answers a question for a woman considering a breast reduction procedure. VIEW NOW

FTM Top Surgery Results

Dr. Marc DuPéré shares a video immediately after a FTM top surgery with the double incision technique. VIEW NOW

Double Incision Technique in Transgender Top Surgery

Dr. Marc DuPéré discusses "top surgery" with the double incision technique in a female to male FTM transgender patient. VIEW NOW

Breast Reduction with Implants vs. Breast Lift with Implants for Perkier Breasts

Dr. Robert Caridi details the advantages a breast augmentation and reduction procedure has over a standard breast lift with implants to treat ptosis, or sagging breasts. VIEW NOW

Differences Between a Breast Lift and Breast Reduction (SPANISH)

Dr. Jean Paul Giudicelli Saba outlines the main differences between a breast lift and breast reduction procedure. These differences include the scar type, lifting versus reducing, and the quantity of tissue removed. VIEW NOW

How Long Do I Have to Wear a Surgical Bra After Breast Reduction?

Dr. Steven Wallach discusses breast reduction and the length of time a patient must wear a special bra following their procedure. VIEW NOW

Gynecomastia Surgery: Before & After Results (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Robert Caridi performs a surgery to correct gynecomastia, a common disorder in which there is a non-cancerous increase in the size of breast tissue in men leading to the appearance of puffy nipples or even breasts identical to those of women. VIEW NOW

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How to Get Perkier Breasts With a Breast Augmentation and Reduction

Dr. Robert Caridi shares his method on lifting low, heavy breasts by combining a breast lift with implants and breast reduction procedure. VIEW NOW


Before & After: Gynecomastia Results Using Vaser Liposuction

Dr. Christopher Chia narrates the gynecomastia surgery of a healthy 30-year-old man. The surgery was performed with Vaser liposuction, which is ultrasound-assisted, under local anesthesia and the results are shared at the end of the video. VIEW NOW