Under Arms + Breast Reduction

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Breast Lumpectomy Axillary Tail Removal with Breast Augmentation?

I went to a surgeon to ask about fatty under arms. I was told by my OB it was breast tissue. Its very large and has to be tucked into my bra which... READ MORE

Axillary Breast Tissue Removal Under Both Arms - What Would the Cost Be About?

I have breast tissue under each arm and i would love to have it removed. What is the appoximate cost for this? READ MORE

Breast Reduction - Best Technique?

Considering my photo, how will I best achieve some reduction to lessen back and shoulder pain but keep fullness in cleavage? I want the "armpit... READ MORE

Do I Need to Have Lipo Done (Near Undarms) with the Breast Reduction?

I will be undergoing breast reduction in July. My MD recommends to have lipo done near the armpits. This entails a greater cost (my reduction is... READ MORE

I'm 6 weeks post breast reduction. My breasts are somewhat square and a little fat extend under my arms.

I want to lift weights to shape and contour breasts and eliminate excess fat. Is this possible after breast reduction? READ MORE

Will the swelling under my arms go away after Breast Reduction?

When I had reduction my swelling was under arms. Still burns if I rub my arms against it to drive so I quit driving. Will some of this go down?... READ MORE

10 wks post breast reduction. Is this extra tissue on the sides of my breasts and under my arms acceptable? (Photo)

Im very unhappy with my results. I'm fine with the scars but the sides and under my arms looks deformed and there's a dogear on the medial of my right... READ MORE

Band of Fat in Underarm Area Post Surgery?

I am 54 years old and had BR surgery 51/2 weeks ago. My concern is that there is a band of fat to the side of my breast (going towards my underarm). I... READ MORE

What to do with uneven breasts and underarm fat? (Photo)

My left breast is a couple sizes than my right breast. On my big breast I have a lot of underarm fat and the fat goes to the upper back of my body. My... READ MORE

Lipo on each side of the chest same time of the Breast Reduction?

My surgeon did tell me he will do lipo on each side of my chest at the same time of the breast reduction. My friend told me it does a better job too... READ MORE

Is it necessary to remove the tissue from underneath my arm during a BR? Is it common to be having pain 4 months post surgery?

I had BR in Nov. '14 . At my consult we never discussed cutting under my arms. I woke up from surgery with underarm incisions. He said the tissue... READ MORE

Weird looking breasts after reduction surgery. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had breast reduction surgery 5 months ago. I have extremely bulky areas under my arm area that weren't there prior to surgery. I am unable to... READ MORE

I am about to undergo a breast reduction and axillary breast tissue removal under my arms with the anchor shape incision

When I got the consolation, my breasts were 32 DDD. These last couple months a quit taking my birth control and lost a good 8 pounds and now my... READ MORE

hematoma after breast reduction? (photo)

I had breast reduction surgery 4 weeks ago. I am thrilled with the results. However, I had really bad bruising on my right side under my arm and have... READ MORE

Pain between my breast at the top between cleavage. January 2016 did procedure. Underarm feel like a lump is there.

My cleavage area have this irritation sensation, my underarm have this burning friction feeling, which I can't allow my arms total relaxation, because... READ MORE

Do most surgeons include lipo for under arm for a breast reduction?

I met for a conSult with PS weds. They have sent request in to ins. Company. I am a bit discouraged though He told me one month off work & basically... READ MORE

What is the name/cost of the procedure to remove underarm fat and side boob?

After reduction and revision I am still having a hard time fitting bras. I have to buy larger cup sizes to accommodate the excess fat and skin. If I... READ MORE

How can I remove the extra tissue under my underarm? (Photos)

Ok so visit my doctor and i showed him my underarm, He check for cancer which I'm cleared, he told me its breast tissue. At time my underarm burns me... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove folds under arms and misshapen areola on right breast 20 years following a breast reduction?

I had a breast reduction 20 years ago and have never looked back as it was the best decision I ever made. I do want to make them look a little better.... READ MORE

Non Heeling Under Arm Wounds from Surgery, What Are My Options?

Had a perfect breast reduction and additionally had my swear glands removed. The. Breasts healed beautifully but the underarms have not. Now I have... READ MORE

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