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Differences Between Breast Reduction Techniques?

For Breast Reduction surgery, what are the differences in types of surgery? What are the differences between "Wise pattern", "anchor... READ MORE

How to Prepare for a Breast Reduction Surgery?

I will have breast reduction surgery when I get approval from the insurance company. I am overweight (more than 40 lbs) and I have about 4 months to... READ MORE

Discomfort, Shape, and Incision Swelling 2 Weeks Post-op? (photo)

12 days post op. 1200g removed from left and 900g from right. I'm concerned about 3 things: 1 - sagging under left breast. I know breasts will "drop,... READ MORE

I Have Size 32J Breasts, Can I Have a Short Scar Breast Reduction?

I am 30, single, no children, 5'7", a muscular 170lbs; my breasts are full with minimal sagging, they are just disproportionate and very... READ MORE

Will my Breast Shape Return to Normal? (photo)

Reduction/lift in Oct 2012. From 38F to 38C. My surgeon says C, I think, B. My breast do not fill the C cup and I have tried MANY. "B" cup fits better... READ MORE

Concerned About Getting Good Post Op Shape After Breast Reduction and Lift.

I am 43 and a 34 DDD/F with sagging after baby and wt. loss. I have consulted w/ 3 surgeons about a breast reduction/lift. I have been disappointed... READ MORE

Free nipple graft; healing and results

How does a FNG differ in terms of healing, resulting breast shape and any other diffetences? (Yes I know they are not considered necessary except... READ MORE

What are the Risks in Having a Second Breast Reduction?

I'm from UK. First Breast reduction (in 2000) used the Superior Pedicle technique according to the surgeon. I would appreciate any advice or tips.... READ MORE

It Has Been Almost a Year Since Breast Reduction Surgery...I Went from 38 F to 36 C. My Question is About the Shape?

Breast Reduction 1 year ago.... wondering if the under arm disfigurement where stitches ended can be fixed ...and also if the flat part of my breast... READ MORE

What can be done about the odd shape of my breasts after a reduction? (photo)

I had the reduction a month ago, am healing well with no extra swelling or problems. They look exactly the same as they did after surgery, the only... READ MORE

Upper fullness with minor breast reduction and lift?

I'm in the consult stage of breast lift & minor reduction - 36DD down to Full C. I was told by one Dr. that I would not need implants for... READ MORE

Would A Breast Hematoma Post BR Permanently Affect The Final Result And Shape?

Six weeks ago had a breast reduction with a lift as soon as I work up in recovery I new there was something wrong with the right one when my bandages... READ MORE

Inverted T Incision - Nipple and Areola Left Untouched?

If breast reduction is limited to removing only tissue benath nipple area, it will limit amount of reduction possible. Won't this cause cone shaped... READ MORE

Are "square" breasts normal after reduction or do they go back to normal shape?

I had a breast reduction October 24th and my dr used the technique that leaves an anchor shaped scar. Around my nipple, down my breast, and then under... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 3 weeks post op, unhappy with the shape. (photo)

I had a breast reduction 3 weeks ago, I had 470 grams removed from the right breast and 484 grams removed from the left. I wanted my end result to be... READ MORE

How Much Will Pregnancy Alter Results of Breast Reduction?

I was approved by insurance for Breast Reduction. I may consider another pregnancy in the future. Ultimately I know it would be wise to wait till... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Procedure for Me to Allow for As Little Postoperative Shape, Min Scar and Min Sensation Loss? (photo)

I have struggled for years with heavy sagging breasts. I lose weight but they don't get smaller. Wearing a bra is painful immediately! I have had my... READ MORE

Areolas are different size and nipples are not level. Starting to regret having breast reduction (Photo)

5 wks post op breast reduction and my areoles and nipples are still different heights and shape. My breast are also still didn't sizes. Is it likely... READ MORE

Can I go from D to C or B cup and have perky firm breasts without implants?

Im 17 and have pretty heavy d cups i feel that they're lower than they should be but they have fullness to them, could i get a reduction and sorta an... READ MORE

Breast Reduction W/ Implants?

I have DD breasts with significant droopage with extra skin under my arms where my bra sits making them look completely shapeless;I've been told... READ MORE

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