Lumps + Breast Reduction

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Infection After Breast Reduction?

I had breast reduction surgery 6 months ago and everything went great. I am very pleased with the outcome and the healing went well. However, two... READ MORE

Are Benign Lumps Typical After a Breast Reduction/lift?

In September, 4 mos after a breast reduction/lift in May, I felt a hard quarter sized lump, in the bottom left side of my left breast. It is... READ MORE

Hard Lump After Breast Reduction Surgery

I had breast reduction & was left with a large lump or hard mass under the skin on the top part of my breast. I was told it was breast fat-... READ MORE

Hard Lumps in Breast a Month After Reduction. What to Do?

In my left breast there is a fairly large hard lump in my right one there is one a size as quarter. My doctor said it's nothing to worry about to just... READ MORE

Breast Reduction and Lift 6 Month Ago and Shortly After I Developed a Small Lump and Pain, What Could this Be?

I had breast reduction and lift 6 month ago and shortly after i developed a small lump and stabbing pain and after a xray of my breast the doctors... READ MORE

Hard Mass After Breast Reduction

Hi I had breast reduction surgery on December 13th. I had a lot of bleeding and a huge mass in my left breast. The nurse called the Dr. He said it was... READ MORE

Lump along incision line after breast reduction. Is this possibly an undissolved stitch or scar tissue? (Photo)

I'm a little over 8 months post op. I noticed today a lump along my incision line - its not hard, but its not soft either, if that makes sense. I... READ MORE

Fat Necrosis After Breast Reduction, Lump Growing?

In 4/12 I had a breast reduction. I understand fat necrosis is a risk. I've since had the biopsied, we're looking at necrosis. The biopsy was... READ MORE

5 Weeks Post Large Breast Reduction/lift. Now Feeling Pain and Large 'Lump' on One Area? (photo)

A few days ago I noticed fleeing, stabbing pain in the top of my left breast from areola to top of cleavage (10 o'clock position?). I tend toward... READ MORE

Feel Hard Lump Like Engorged After Reduction?

I had breast reduction 2weeks ago, now feel a hard lump on one side almost as i am engorged, it is above areola. There is no color change or bruising... READ MORE

What Is Raised Lump Near the Scar(areola) That is About the Size of a BB &hard?

I am a year post op from a mastopexy, a few days ago I noticed a strange looking area on my breast right by my scar line when I felt it it was a hard... READ MORE

10 Years Post Op Breast Reduction and Experiencing Pain/Lump in Right Breast?

I had a breast reduction done in DECECBER 2002. Currently I am experiencing extreme pain in my right breast with the presence of a rather large lump... READ MORE

Hard Lump Found After Reduction?

I am three monthes post breast reduction surgery. I have a large hard lump in my left breast near my nipple. It feels like it is the size of a golf... READ MORE

I Have a Sore "Lump" 5 Weeks Post Op After Breast Reduction?

I'm extremely happy with my breast reduction! My question, should I be concerned with a walnut size lump under my nipple , at the T where the... READ MORE

1 year post op, is it possible to get breast cancer from the Breast Reduction surgery?

I had a breast reduction a year ago and i recently was doing a self mammogram and discovered a lump in one of my breast, it doesn't hurt or anything... READ MORE

Breast Necrosis Breast is Headed but I Feel a Hard Lump?

I have necrosis tissue in my left breast ans my doctor just wants to operate and I'm scared that I will go throught this again are there any other... READ MORE

My OB Found a Lump Located in Right Breast Near Nipple. Said It's Fat Necrosis?

My OB found a lump located in my right breast, near the nipple. An ultrasound was done, followed by a mammogram. The lump is 2.1 cm. The radiologist... READ MORE

2 months post op of Breast Reduction, I developed hematoma. I have been massaging it. Are there any other suggestions?

My Breast Reduction was preformed on April 9, 2014 and I developed a hematoma (ping-pong ball sized?) in the right breast. My Dr. says to massage it... READ MORE

What are these red lumps that have appeared along the scar lines of my Breast Reduction? (photos)

Hi I have these red hard lumps that have appeared along my scar lines which I'm very concerned about. They have been there for a few weeks now and are... READ MORE

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