Burning + Breast Reduction

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I'm Three Weeks out from my Breast Reduction. I Have Burning in my Breast?

My nurse said its the nerves. Is this normal, any suggestions on relief? READ MORE

How long does nerve recovery last after breast reduction surgery?

I am 16 days post op from a breast reduction surgery and on about day 12 I started having burning, shooting pains in my breasts. The surgeon told me... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Burning or Stabbing Pain 6 Months After a Breast Reduction?

Is It Normal to Have Burning or Stabbing Pain 6 Months After a Breast Reduction? All Went Well with the Surgery. READ MORE

Why Am I Having Rash and Burning Both Breasts 4 Wks Post Breast Reduction?

I am 4 wks post op breast reduction and I am having a lot of burning, stinging pain and redness in both breasts. Hydrocortizone is not working. I saw... READ MORE

Still have irritation. Have not put anything on because Nurse said I'm sensitive and just to keep it clean. (Photo)

I've already put Polysporin and Aquaphor.. But I'm still having itchiness and burning sensation. What other ointment can I use to help with the rash... READ MORE

Pain After a Breast Reduction?

I had a breast reduction in June of 2012. I don't like taking the pain meds. Is there anything else I can do to reduce the pain I am feeling. It is a... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 2 Months Ago, It Isn't my Scars That Both Me, but Rather the Skin Above the Crease?

I had no issues with healing whatsoever. My incisions were completely closed up a week after surgery. I feel an almost constant burning/irritation at... READ MORE

Burning In Breast 1 Year After Breast Reduction Normal?

I am one year post op from my breast reduction surgery. I experienced some shooting pain the first 6months after surgery, I assumed the pain was my... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 1 week post op - should I be in this much pain?

I had a breast reduction 1 week ago, I had 600ml blood and fluid drain out of my right breast and had to go back to theatre. I have extreme pain,... READ MORE

Having irritation on incisions after taking Aquaphor & Polysporin, what can I put on my incisions for irritation?

6 weeks tomorrow, I went to see my surgeon yesterday, said everything looks great and I can go back to my normal life with no restrictions He Said I... READ MORE

2 weeks post op BR and I'm feeling alot of burning. Hypersensitivity of my nipples is almost unbearable. What can i do? (photos)

I have been feeling burning type pain on and off on both my breasts. Not at all where the incisions were made but mostly on regular skin. It also... READ MORE

What are key factors determined to have health insurance cover a Breast reduction surgery? Does it vary by state? (photo)

I have been contemplating a breast reduction for many many years as it has been the cause of a lot of back, and neck stress as well as posture and... READ MORE

I just had my reduction last week to help relieve pain. Is it normal for it to feel extremely tight? Does it loosen up?

Also, when does the unbareable burning ease up? I suffer from chronic pain and was told it would be lifelong, but I can already tell the difference... READ MORE

Is this a normal experience after breast reduction surgery?

I had breast reduction surgery in October2014.I noticed A kind of mass on the top part of my breast.it goes from kind of the back part of my nipple... READ MORE

Breast reduction; Any cause for concern or just ride it out?

I had a breast reduction about a week and a half ago. I had drains in for 5 days, and after they were taken out my sides have been very swollen and... READ MORE

I'm 2 months post breast reduction and one of my breasts is leaking around the nipple. Is it infected?

One of my breast leaks and burns really bad around the nipple and it is very tender..would this be an infection are what ,do I need to see my doctor... READ MORE

5 months post Breast reduction surgery. Any suggestions ? (photos)

Everything has been going well up until last week when I felt a burning feeling on my lower left scar. Can you please look at the photo and let me... READ MORE

About a year after my breast reduction my left nipple has a painful burning sensation and stays hard, is this normal?

I'm 21 years old, I had a breast reduction May of 2014 but the other day my left nipple kept getting hard, it has a burning sensation that won't stop,... READ MORE

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