5 weeks post op. Pain after breast reduction. Nerve damage or too much tension from internal sutures? Is this permanent? (Photo)

No drains were placed. At 2wks I had lots of tension, blisters & necrosis on 1 breast. Breast now has a painful burning sensation at the base of the T incision when I touch, stand straight or lay flat. I can palpate 2 painful bands on my abdomin that connect to the necrosis areas. Dr. injected a steroid into the area & I've felt little relief so far. He says nerves could be scarred. Is this fixable? Are internal sutures causing the burning tension? I'll mark where the painful bands are in pic.

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Pain after breast reduction.

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Congratulations on having undergone the breast reduction procedure. It is very likely that you will be much happier with the outcome of the procedure a few months from now, compared to today.

 Your description of "painful bands"  is very consistent with the  presence of Mondor's veins causing your symptoms; inflamed veins under the breasts may be causing the symptoms you are experiencing in that area. These are best visualized with your arms somewhat elevated.  Discuss this possibility with your plastic surgeon; the use of warm compresses and anti-inflammatories may be helpful when it comes to speedier resolution of this temporary problem.

   Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with.

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