Bleeding + Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction - Signs of Nipple Necrosis?

I just had a Breast reduction 5 days ago. I went for 3 day check up and dr said everything looked normal but Im still scared bc I didnt see them until... READ MORE

Bleeding at Incision Site

I had breast reduction surgery 4 weeks ago and have noticed that under one breast I have a crusty spot where the incision comes together,is that... READ MORE

Open bleeding wounds breast lift/reduction? (photo)

I had BR Surgery 21 days ago. After 10 days two open wounds near the T incition open. Left breast wound grew from a dime size to a quarter size. It... READ MORE

Bleeding/Oozing Two Weeks After Breast Reduction, Normal?

I am two weeks post op, and my right breast is bleeding around the nipple area. after my surgery i never had drains inserted and everything was fine... READ MORE

Are Large Blisters and Bleeding After a Breast Reduction Normal?

I am 22 years old and had a breast reduction 3 1/2 weeks ago. After one week, the my PS noticed blisters forming on one side where the tape was,... READ MORE

Hard Mass After Breast Reduction

Hi I had breast reduction surgery on December 13th. I had a lot of bleeding and a huge mass in my left breast. The nurse called the Dr. He said it was... READ MORE

2 Weeks After Breast Reduction and my Incisions Are Bleeding and Oozing?

I got breast reduction about 2 weeks ago and some of my scars are still oozing and bleeding so I have had to put gauze on those areas, but now where... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Sluff to Bleed After It Falls off an Incision? (photo)

Three weeks ago I had a breast reduction. Now at the "T" area under the breasts I have sluff. My Doctor has told me to just spray with peroxide, and... READ MORE

Bleeding Under Left Breast After Reduction; Normal Drainage or What? (photo)

12 days post op and for the past 3 days have persistent bleeding from under the left breast. first post op check 6 days ago and all was good. i still... READ MORE

2 weeks post op, my nipple incision looks like it is dissolving stitches. Is this normal? (photos)

I got a breast red w/implant just under 2wk ago and unsure why the nipple incision Looks this way I have the " dissolvable" stitches and I did have... READ MORE

How much bleeding is normal after breast reduction surgery?

I am day 1 after surgery and went home with no drains. When should I be concerned with the bleeding? The blood is frank and is still slowly seeping... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Incision Pain and Bleeding?

I am five days post op from my breast reduction. The incisions underneath the breasts are very sore and bleeding slightly. I'm off narcotic meds and... READ MORE

Skin opened up under the left breast and bleeding 3 weeks after the breast reduction surgery. (photos)

I had breast reduction done on Jan 31st. Both breasts were severely swollen towards the arm pits. I had fluid coming out under my left breast by the... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 2 weeks ago, today the skin was peeling off my Areola, and I am bleeding. Is this an infection? (photos)

The skin is peeling off my breast, I have researched several things on google and Im not sure what to think or believe. I am back at work and today I... READ MORE

7 weeks post op, free nipple graft keeps scabbing and bleeding. Any suggestions?

7weeks post breast reduction, free nipple graft keeps scabbing over and then bleeds and cycle begins again, not sure what to do, going round in... READ MORE

Is It Common for Spots of Blood After Breast Reduction?

My right breast it lightly bleeding under the breast a very bit, should i be worried? READ MORE

Why Is My Wound is Bleeding One Month After Breast Reduction? (photo)

I had a breast reduction on Feb 11, 2013. I have seen then been doing great but my one breast has wound on it that has recently started bleeding and... READ MORE

12 Days After Breast Reduction I'm Bleeding a Lot from Breast That's Bruised Badly and Swollen?

My left breast was bruised very badly, black and blue, I also have dead skin flaking off causing an open wound. 12 post op I woke up soaked in blood,... READ MORE

It Has Been a Year and my One Breast is Still Draining and Bleeding What Should I Do?

I had a breast reduction 1 year ago a tiny spot on the right nipple area wont heal still drains and bleeds ,she operated a second time and it healed... READ MORE

What is this? Please help. (photos)

Yesterday my stiches got taken out.. The doctor says that this is normal to put bacitracin on it and gauze.. However this looks like an open wound to... READ MORE

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