Bleeding/Oozing Two Weeks After Breast Reduction, Normal?

I am two weeks post op, and my right breast is bleeding around the nipple area. after my surgery i never had drains inserted and everything was fine until five days ago when i noticed bloody liquids oozing out of my right breast, i thought it was because i just had my stiches removed, but days later the oozing has gotten worse and i have to put breast pads to absorb the liquids. my surgeon said it is normal but i find it hard to believe him because the oozing hasn't stopped. is this normal?

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Drainage from breast at 2 weeks

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Bleeding or oozing from around the nipple at 2 weeks following a breast reduction is not necessarily reason for severe alarm. Though these issues are not very common at this point in time, they are not necessarily rare. This usually should resolve fairly soon. Aside from an infection which doesn't sound like the issue, there are several situations where this leakage could occur. If you are being treated by a reputable board certified plastic surgeon, be a little more patient. You always have the option of another opinion but at this point, I feel this would be completely unwarranted.

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Drainage after Breast Reduction?

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Thank you for the question.

Some drainage from incision lines can be “normal” after breast reduction surgery. Obviously, this is very hard to determine without direct physical examination.

On the other hand, your surgeon has examined you and felt that you are not experiencing a serious complication. I'm assuming, since you have trusted your surgeon to perform a major operation on you, that he/she is a board-certified plastic surgeon...

Why is it that you “find it hard to believe him” at this point? If you have really lost faith/trust in your surgeon then online consultation is not your best source of advice;  in person examination by a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon is.

I hope this helps. 

Bleeding/oozing 2 weeks after surgery

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Hi. I am curious as to the amount of liquid oozing out of your wound. If it is more than soaking a couple of gauze pads daily, I would definitely make an appointment to be seen by your surgeon sooner rather than later. Also, if you notice that one breast is larger than the other, there is a chance you may have some bleeding inside that breast, and it is finding the path of least resistance through your incision to drain. Your surgeon may be able to tell from the color of the drainage if it is old or new bleeding. Best of luck with your healing.

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