4 Months Post-op + Breast Reduction

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Are Benign Lumps Typical After a Breast Reduction/lift?

In September, 4 mos after a breast reduction/lift in May, I felt a hard quarter sized lump, in the bottom left side of my left breast. It is... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Breast Reduction to Completely Heal?

Had a BR 4 months ago. in recovery room had 2 hematomas develop on right breast. doctor went back in at that time to evacuate area. It took about 6... READ MORE

Will my Breast Shape Return to Normal? (photo)

Reduction/lift in Oct 2012. From 38F to 38C. My surgeon says C, I think, B. My breast do not fill the C cup and I have tried MANY. "B" cup fits better... READ MORE

I Had my Breast Reduction 4 Months Ago and my Left Breast is Very Hard?

I had a breast reduction 4 months ago on Jan 27,2013 and my left breast still feels very hard. It feels like there is a baseball in there. Is this... READ MORE

Why should you not wear underwire for 4 months after a breast reduction?

I was told not to wear any underwire bras for at least 4 months post surgery. Why is this? The reason I am asking is I have a party to go to 3 months... READ MORE

How Long Recover Natural Nipple After Production Breast Operation? (photo)

I had a reduction on my left breast 4 months ago, and my nipple isn't natural like my right. I did not have a reduction on my right breast. will it... READ MORE

After reduction my breast still large and saggy. How can this be fixed? (photo)

I had my surgery 4 months ago. Plus the left nipples is not round, both niplles are low. I was a 38 DD and now a 36 C+ and still heavy. I am... READ MORE

Almost 4 months post-op - Should I still be sore and tender?

I had a br October 8th and 2 weeks later had a hematoma evacuation surgery on the right breast. I understand it's going to take longer to heal now... READ MORE

What Would Be Causing Browning and Weeping of Skin Four Months After a Breast Reduction?

My daughter had breast reduction 4 months ago she's 17, the surgery went well, but 1 month after surgery she started having discoloration and oozing,... READ MORE

Concern About Spitting Sutures for a Touch Up? (photo)

I had the breast reduction surgery 4 months ago. My breast size is pretty good, but the left breast is flatter on top. My PS will give me a touch up... READ MORE

Breast reduction and lift were approximately 3-4 months ago. Now I have a painful hypertrophic scar around my back. (Photo)

The scar is raised, red, and looks like a keloid one (though I have no other keloid scars on my body from any other surgery). It is painful to the... READ MORE

4 months post op. Will incision dips at the root ever disappear? Will asymmetry level up? (Photo)

4 months post op and still have dips at the root of an incision. Also my left breast is larger and more towards my armpit. Areolas are not lined up... READ MORE

4 months post op of Breast Reduction and my stomach became swollen after the surgery. Is this normal?

What can I do to reduce this swollen/puffy stomach. I'm eating healthy, wearing high-waist panty girdles and I still look swollen. My breast... READ MORE

4 months post Breast Reduction I have ingrown stitches, how can I take care of them?

So, I had a breast reduction 4 months ago and my "dis-solvable" stitches in the anchor line under the breast popped out through the skin. I have one... READ MORE

4 months post op sagging side boobs. Is this natural based on what I started with? (Photo)

I have poor skin quality and once the swelling went down, my breasts are soft and mushy again with sagging on the sides and no fullness. is this due... READ MORE

4 Months after Breast Reduction, my breasts are still too big, why did this happen?

I had breast reduction in December 2013. I am 55 years of age. I was a G in one breast and a DD in the other. It is now April and I went to have... READ MORE

Can I start taping a scar after 4 months?

I had breast reduction surgery 4 months ago and was only taped up for 2 weeks. Since then I've been massaging scar cream in and silicone. However the... READ MORE

How do I get rid of this infection? (photos)

I had a breast reduction/lift about 4 months ago & developed a delayed infection on my right breast 1 month ago. After 2 rounds of clindamycin & 2... READ MORE

What can be done in BR if my breasts are bigger than I wanted?

When I initially inquired about a BR I said I wanted to be a small C. My doc said I would eventually get smaller as the swelling went down. I am 4... READ MORE

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