150-169 Lbs + Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction and Lift Insurance Coverage Requirements?

I am a healthy 28-year-old. I was a 34 DD before having kids. I am 5'3" and weigh 150 lbs. I have 10 more lbs to go before I meet with a surgeon.... READ MORE

Can I Lose Weight After Breast Reduction?

I'm 44 5'6, 165lbs w/40ddd sagging heavy breasts that are very dense and I want to be a 38d cup. I have neck and back pains daily. I plan on... READ MORE

How Small Would a 400 Grams Breast Reduction Make Me?

24 years old, 5'8, 150 pounds, 36D+ bra... How much is a 400 gram removal versus 300 grams? My insurance requires 400 grams/breast to cover the... READ MORE

I am now a size 32 G, 160lbs and 5'2". If I loose 20 pounds, how much will that reduce my cup size?

I plan on having a breast reduction, I am now a size 32 G, 160lbs and 5'2". If I loose 20 pounds, how much will that reduce my cup size. Will I still... READ MORE

Wondering if I Should Get a Breast Reduction. I'm Pregnant but Plan to Workout After? (photo)

I am 19 years old and currently 8 months pregnant, I know pregnancy changes your body alot but it hasnt been very much for me. A year before pregnancy... READ MORE

Will my Kaiser insurance cover the cost of a breast reduction? (photos)

I am 23 years old, 5'3, and 150 lbs. Since I was 15 I have experienced constant stress and pain in my shoulders/neck, as well as soreness in my... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reduce Breast Size from a B/C to an A? (photo)

Current details: I am a B/C cup. I am currently in the process of losing weight to reduce my overall weight and breast size. I am 5'3" and... READ MORE

Insurance Denied my Breast Reduction Surgery, How Do I Make a Case for an Appeal?

25yrs old, 5'3" and 165lbs and my cup size is 34G, denied coverage for breast reduction based on the Schnur scale. Surgeon wants to remove... READ MORE

36 DDD Cup Breast Reduction Size?

Hello, I am 5"4 weighing 150 pounds. I am a breast size 36 DDD, how much would 500grams of tissue leave me at? READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for the short scar vertical technique lollipop scar? I am a 36DD and want to be a 36 full C

My plastic surgeon wants to make a short, small incision underneath my breasts and I wanted to eliminate this extra scar and just do the short scar... READ MORE

Possible to Reduce my 38DD breasts to a B cup? I'm 5'6 and Weigh 160 Lbs.

I am 35 years old. I am 5'6 and wiegh 160lbs. I am a 38DD and am want to find out if I have a breast reduction I could be reduced to a B cup. READ MORE

EXTREMELY LARGE Breast Reduction (34H) on Small Frame? (photo)

I am 5'5, weighing 160 with 34H breast. I've always had large breast and the moment I got pregnant they blew up! I'm currently losing weight & my... READ MORE

Surgeon Says I Need Free Nipple Grafting for my Breast Reduction?

I'm 5'2, 159 lbs, 46F. I seen a surgeon today and he said I would need a Free Nipple Graft & there was no other options! He said I have "long"... READ MORE

Breast Reduction for a 14 Year Old Girl

My daughter is 14yrs, she wears a DDD, she is 5'5", 150 lbs, she started her cycle when she was 10 yrs old. She has been asking for a breast... READ MORE

How Can You Tell when the Swelling Has Subsided After a Breast Reduction? (photo)

I had a BR 11/21/12 I'm 25 yo, 5'2, 157lbs. My PS said I should heal to a small d & that I still have a lot of swelling. I feel I’m still too l... READ MORE

17 Year Old Getting a Breast Reduction?

I'm 17 I've always had larger breasts, and I've been considering a breast reduction since I was 14. I'm a 36 H, 5'7 and 150 lbs. I've got a flat... READ MORE

Will Insurance Allow Breast Reduction from F to D Cup?

I have always been large breasted and have always wanted a reduction. In the past 2 years, I have given birth to two children and breastfed. My... READ MORE

Im 21 and Have a Size 38DD Breast Size. Will Medicare Cover a Reduction?

Im 21 years old and im 5'3 about 150 pounds and i have a breast size of 38DD and i get back pains and shoulder pains even when i stand for a long... READ MORE

Should I Get a Breast Reduction? I'm 5'2, 150 Lbs. and Wear a 32H Bra. (photo)

I am 25 years old and am considering a breast reduction. As the question states, I'm 5'2 and weigh 150 lbs. I wear a size 32H bra. My back hurts quite... READ MORE

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