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Mastopexy Gone Wrong?

I'm 2 mos. post-op from a vertical mastopexy. I feel that my breasts look very bizarre. My nipples point in an upward direction and are placed too... READ MORE

Concerned about the asymmetry post-op Breast Lift. Is this something that can be corrected?

I had a breast lift with cohesive gel implants placed under the muscle 3.5 weeks ago. I am very concerned with the asymmetry. The left breast is... READ MORE

Was my Untidy Uplift Scar Unavoidable?

I had a BA and uplift to correct asmmetry almost a year ago. I complained to my surgeon that I had a section of nipple left beneath the uplift scar. I... READ MORE

Could I Have Gotten More of a Lift?

First and foremost, Thank you all for taking the time to answer my questions. I am 4 months post op from a full TT with MR as well as BL/BR. I was... READ MORE

Revision Breast Lift Needed

I lost about 65 lbs and then had a breast lift about 8 months ago, leaving me at a small D. I have since been leaning out more and am a very saggy C... READ MORE

Unhappy With Breast Reduction Results. What Are My Options?

I had a breast lift and slight reduction and after ten months I am very unhappy with the results, should I get another procedure or do I go back to... READ MORE

When and what can be done? (photos)

I had breast lift done 5 weeks ago. I am not happy with my new shape .Can you comment on my photos please. When can i have it redone again? Thanks READ MORE

What can I do to fix my breast lift scars? (photos)

I had a bread lift and my scares are horrible. I'm very unhappy with my results. I seriously regret doing it. My Areola looks hugs. I wish my doctor... READ MORE

What is the statue post op if you aren't satisfied with your plastic surgery?

Double Hernia Repair, TT, Breast Lift with Implants 1 is 360 and the other is 300cc. My pubic area looks like I have a sagging pouch, My boobs sit low... READ MORE

Unhappy after breast lift, what are my options? (Photo)

I had a lollipop breast lift in February with a small reduction on the right breast. I still have excess skin and I want them to be firmer. The upper... READ MORE

Breast lift with implant. I am 32DDD. Will my breasts go down to 34C? (Photo)

I had my breast done six weeks ago I was a 32b tell my doctor I want 34c to be my breast size after surgery I went bra shopping 6 weeks after and I am... READ MORE

14 months post op, Unhappy with my breast lift. What are my options now? (photos)

It´s been 14 months since my breast lift procedure. I am terribly unhappy with my breast lift results as they are set really low on my chest. I do ... READ MORE

Follow up - Breast lift (Photo)

I had posted some pics about 6 weeks ago, I am not sure how to deal with the life, I feel that was not done right and I am sure if I want the same Dr... READ MORE

Tenting after Breast lift with no implants - 3 months post op. Any suggestions? (photo)

Breast lift revision (NO IMPLANTS) and I am unhappy with the results. I think my nipples are too high and the breast are very close with what appears... READ MORE

Considering crescent lift after implants.

I am 25 and 2 1/2 weeks post op. When I went for my initial consultation prior to BAM surgery, my surgeon suggested that I may need a crescent lift... READ MORE

Should I postpone a breast lift for after I have kids?

I have recently lost around 70lbs and I still ideally have about 40lbs to lose. I am 32 yo female with no children. I am very unhappy with my breasts,... READ MORE

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