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Incision Looks Infected 3 Weeks After Breast Lift- Opinion? (photo)

Hi there, I need some advise on my breast. I had surgery oct 14 th, 2011 (almost 3 weeks ago), My incision doesn't look good, they getting worst.... READ MORE

Will I Need a Second Breast Lift (Nipples Still Low, Implants Might Be Too Big)?

I asked my doctor for "perkier" breasts but feel like they are still riding low on my body (4 months post-op). I also requested to be a C... READ MORE

Peri-areolar breast lift with augmentation- Not Happy

I had a peri-areolar breast lift with augmentation (silicone, 250cc, submuscular placement) 6 weeks ago. As you can see from the pic, the results do... READ MORE

Revision Surgery Only 6 Months After First Breast Lift?

Why would my plastic surgery recommend a re-lift only 6 months after my original Breast lift surgery? Isn't that too soon? Could there be a... READ MORE

Sagging After Breast Lift Revision

Breast Lift Revision 15 Months Post-Op. 5 Months from Revision Right nipple was higher a year after initial surgery. Had BL revision 5 months ago. The... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for Breast Tissue to Settle After Breast Lift Revision?

Had revision breast lift in one breast & scar revision in 1/2011. 1st lift was performed 12/2009. First surgery left me quite asymmetrical. Right... READ MORE

Uneven Breasts 7 Weeks Post Op.

I had a breast lift with augmentation and I am very concerned that they are still uneven. I was told to expect the implants (which are silicone gel)... READ MORE

Another Hematoma- After Revision of Peri-areolar Lift

2 wks ago, I had a revision Peri-areolar bl after having a peri-areolar with aug 6 months ago. On day 11 I developed a Hematoma, my Doc aspirated the... READ MORE

Different Arola and Nipple After Breast Lift. What Can I Do To Make Them The Same? (photo)

I had a breast lift with no augmantation 4 weeks ago and I still have some sweeling at the top of my right breast, the thing is I discover after I... READ MORE

If I Get a Second Breast Lift Will The Incisions Be The Same?

I had a breast lift a year ago after I lost about 60 pounds. Since then, I have continued to lose another 15 pounds or so and have been really leaning... READ MORE

Needing a Second Breast Lift

I lost 70 lbs (had enormous breasts, am now a small D)and then had a breast lift 8 months ago. I have been leaning out even more since then and my... READ MORE

My Breasts Are Not the Same Size After Breast Lift with Silicone Augmentation, Do I Need a Revision?

I am 6 days post op from a breast lift with augmentation with 492cc silicone implants. Prior to surgery my left breast was slightly larger than my... READ MORE

Is a Doctor Required to Fix an Unsuccessful Breast Lift?

4 months ago I went in for a breast augmentation to deal with symmetry and sagging issues on my D cup breasts. Dr. suggested a small reduction, a full... READ MORE

Breast Revision/Lift for Asymmetry - Still Uneven. Should I Pay for Revision 3 Mo Post-op?

I originally had breast augmentation to correct asymmetry 14 yrs ago.Remained cup size different size/shape.After having a family decided to try again... READ MORE

Post Breast Lift Sagging After Weight Loss

I lost about 65 pounds over the past 4 years. I had a breast lift 7 months ago, after losing the weight. The top of my breasts has loose skin again... READ MORE

Will I Need Breast Lift with Implant Downsizing?

I had a breast augmentation over a year ago. I was an A cup, and got a moderate silicone 225cc. I'm very petite, so I didn't want to go that big. I... READ MORE

In-office Breast Lift Revision?

Is it reasonable to think that an in-office procedure can correct significant asymmetry after my BA with BL two months ago? Left breast is lower,... READ MORE

How Many Inches Can Matter Move on Body? Had Breast Lift Revision and Doc Says it Migrated? (photo)

I had a revision to lift my right breast a tad -- only Dr.lifted way too much and won't admit it. I'm now 3 months post op and Dr. insists it... READ MORE

Fix the Positioning of my Nipples After Breast Lift with Nipple Resize? (photo)

I'm 22 days post op from a lift and nipple resize. I'm devastated with how far to the sides my nipples point and maybe one is. Bit bigger? I posted a... READ MORE

What is ideal measurement of sternal notch to nipple?

I had a periaerolar lift. Some of my scar spread up. Current sternal notch to nipple is 22cm. What is ideal? At what measurement would you worry about... READ MORE

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